Summer Break

The month of August was summer break for our Haitian Teachers.  The kids would be more than willing to attend school straight through all year long as they LOVE it and don’t know what to do with themselves without their normal daily routine.  But our dedicated teachers need a break to get refreshed and be able to begin again to meet the challenges it takes to teach such a variety of ages and learning abilities in a group setting.  Today marks the last day of break and the kids have been counting down the moments till they see their beloved Mademoiselle Elange again. But they have had a great month, Joyce has made sure of that!

Here are a few highlights of fun and out of the ordinary things that they did on Summer Break.  


Pudding in a bag! 1/2 cup of milk, 1/8 cup putting mix, 2 drops food coloring, one gallon sized zip lock bag, squeeze and shake till ready to serve!

Pudding (2) Pudding

Miniature homes.  Many random bottles, box, lids, scrap fabric, construction paper, popsicle sticks, and a hot glue gun.  Create whatever comes to your imagination and give your little people a comfortable home. 

Minature Homes Minature Homes (2) IMG_4389

Pool Fun.  6 rubbermaid bins, 56 miniature bathing suits and trunks,  1 large pool, 2 small pools, a hose, and a lot of energy.

Pool  (3)Pool  (8)DSC05958 Pool    Naila in the Pool 21 July 2011 (2)

Clean and organized clutter free school closets.  8 willing pairs of little hands, four cardboard boxes marked “memories to keep”,four large trash bags, and 6 hours of cooperation. 

IMG_2126 IMG_4658

Water bomb bizarre.  20 little people, one hot summer day, 100 water balloons, a hose; result: cooled down, tired out, happy children. 


Harvest time.  18 hard working excited little pairs hands and feet to work the soil and plant seeds, 20 little arms to water each day, one garden growing to harvest… 3 red tomatoes, one head of brocolli, 6 pots of basil, and 4 bell peppers ready for tasting. 

Garden (7)  Garden Garden (2) Garden (3) Garden (4)Garden (8) Garden (5) Garden (6)

Construction Zone.  12 apprentice engineers, one box of mega blocks, one box of Lincoln logs, one box of lego, one box of train tracks, and one marble tower; the result: one giant bustling city.  


Scrubbing Bubbles clean floor!  8 sets of little hands, 8 scrubs brushes, two pails, a can of ajax, and a lot of motivation.  


Clothes exchange. EVERYONE, closests emptied on the floor, contents sorted and refolded good put back on the shelf and old in a bag ready to be exchanged for “new” daily plays clothes.  Result: fresh pressed cleanly dressed children.  

New Clothes room 5 24 Aug 2011 (2) Pillow Case Dresses from PA woman Aug 2011 (6)

Scavenger hunts. Here’s a list, everyone scatter, who can find their items the fastest! 


Summer School. 2 pretend teachers and 16 attentive students, classroom chairs and tables, a chalk board, and the expanse of the play yard.  A little learning and review before heading back to class. 


Field Trip.  One very full SUV, 12 homework charts completed, one monkey to visit, and one tree to take turns climbing at the Baptist Haiti Mission. 

Field Trip (2)Field Trip (3)Field Trip (4) Field Trip  


And lots and lots of Basketball, Scooter Races, Walks, Jump Rope, Duck-Duck-Goose, and TV at naptime.

Duck Duck Goose DSC05922 DSC05920 Basketball (2)

With a little bit of relaxation….

Relaxation (3)

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1. Rori Hartzell wrote:
Oh LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it !!! So much fun and good for the heart to see them having such a fun time doing such fun activities. Love the pictures. I can't tell you what it does to our hearts and minds to read your blog postings and get a glimpse of the kids month. Thank you Molly! Give them loves from us.

Wed, August 31, 2011 @ 8:21 PM

2. BURTEL wrote:
I enjoy to see this moments of happiness, and the beautiful photos, thank you. Marc.

Thu, September 1, 2011 @ 4:58 PM

3. Joanne Cottrill wrote:
So excited to read a blog about the Toddler House again. Thanks so much for showing and telling us about the fun summer holidays. Can't wait to see you all again in Nov.

Fri, September 2, 2011 @ 5:59 PM

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