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    School Sponsorship 2016-2017

    We are so thankful to have Ashley here in Hatit helping with school sponsorship. We would love to be able to send every child that applies for the program to school this year. Take sometime and read what Ashley has to say about our school sponsorship program. Did you know only 1 out of 3 children have the privilege of receiving an education in Haiti?

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    Working with Derlain

    We are so thankful to have Whitney at GLA again!    The wonderful thing about coming to volunteer at God’s Littlest Angels is that you never know in what way your talents will be utilized. You might even discover new talents you never knew you possessed!

  • A Day in the Life of a Volunteer at GLA

    Whitney Palmer came to Haiti for the month of September.  We enjoyed having her here helping with the children and helping us paint at Fort Jacques.  It was a joy to see her every day and the love she poured out on the children!  Thank you Whitney for sharing this blog with us! You wake up with the sun, the birds chirping outside your window and the neighborhood dogs barking just down the street. As you step outside, the far off sound of small voices fills the air and you couldn’t...

  • Waiting

      Milouse is about to turn 3 years old. Her level of curiosity is matched only by her boundless amounts of energy! Milouse has Downs Syndrome, and as is common with many Downs children, she is happy almost all of the time.

  • Abygaëlle

    Abygaëlle has been at GLA since she was two months old. She came to us tiny and malnourished, but quickly began to grow and gain strength. At first, we didn't notice any apparent delays in Abygaëlle, she seemed like a normal baby.

  • Neissa

      If you were to walk into the big nursery right now, one little girl in particular might stand out to you. She is by far the chubbiest little girl at GLA. Her smiles are so big that her fat cheeks almost completely obscure her eyes.

  • Christmas at GLA Main House

    The children here at the main house had a wonderful Christmas morning! Just before lunch time, groups of ten were brought up to the balcony to open their gifts! Smiles were seen on everyone's faces and the kids were so excited to unwrap the presents.

  • Farewells

    What a rich season of adoption we're in at GLA! This week we sent home 7 children to families of their very own, and next week 5 more. This is for keeps guys!

  • The Birthday Bash

      At the Main House we designate one day a month to celebrate birthdays. The volunteers bake and decorate a cake, they blow up balloons, hang crepe paper, and spread out flimsy plastic table cloths with bright "Happy Birthday"'s scrolled all over them. Every child that has a birthday that month is brought onto the balcony and changed into party clothes, sit at a small table and take part in the festivities!

  • Shamira

    In the days and weeks following her arrival at GLA, little Shamira demonstrated anxiety and uncertainty in apparent ways. She was untrusting and fearful around adults, and clung to Docilia often, who was the only familiar thing in her world at that point. Her emotional trauma was the most obvious of the initial three that came to the Main House.

  • Docilia

    Upon arrival at GLA, Docilia was one of a handful of children who could still muster a smile despite her fear and uncertainty during a situation she was powerless to control. Her little spirit seemed to still be relatively intact. We have no way of knowing how much of her life she spent at the other orphanage in Kenscoff, but she seemed to be ready to trust these strange new adults in this completely different environment.

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