The last few days at GLA…

On Saturday, we received a 2 month old baby with a terrible skin infection on his face and neck.  We started him on a treatment of three different medical creams to help get the infection under control, and oral antibiotic.  He had a good night. 

But then, the mother returned on Sunday and said she could not leave him and wanted to take him back home.  We released him to her.  The mother said that she had taken him to a hospital a week ago and they gave her a follow up appointment for the first of July.  We told her to be sure and keep that appointment.  A small baby like this can easily die from an infection like he has.  It is sad when the mother changes her mind about letting him stay until he is better.  I do not think she understands the severity of his condition.

Monday, I felt so much better!  I felt almost normal!  I was able to get a lot of work done.  I had a staff meeting with my office staff and am really pushing them to get back into pre-earthquake mode!  I want them to get the adoptions done.  We’ve been to IBESR twice this week already and Mrs. Pierre, the director, has not signed our dossiers yet.  She just returned from a trip to Europe for a meeting at the Hague.  She and Judge Cazimir traveled to the meeting.  They just returned on Saturday.

Magaly and Ernst went to outisde of Port of Prince on Monday also to pick up baby twin girls from another orphanage.  A family in the States knows a pastor with an orphanage where the girls were residing.  They transferred them to GLA so the family can start their adoption.  They are the cutest babies.  I’ll share photos tomorrow.

I have been to Fort Jacques the last two days for just a short time each day.  Today, we had an engineer come to look over the land and give us an estimate on digging and pouring the foundation for the guesthouse.  I want to get started on the foundation so we can build the guesthouse this Fall.

John hired a small team of Haitians workers to come in and dig out the ground for the pole ground.  This is the same group of men that helped dig out for some of the other buildings and they did a great job.  They are really working hard to dig it out and level the ground.  It is quite unlevel right now.  They are going to have to back fill about 3 feet on one corner to have it level with the front corner!  Once they get this done, they can dig the foundation, put rock in to build the foundation up, and then build the pole barn on top of this. 

The baby that was on CPAP is doing fantastic off CPAP, off oxygen, and drinking from a bottle!  He is growing and looks beautiful. 

Miloudrine’s father is thinking of taking her back home with him.  When he brought her to GLA after her mother was killed in the earthquake, he did not think he would ever be able to take care of her again.  He is sick with TB and on medications, but he now has a job with a mission group that Pastor Joel Trimble was able to get for him.  I am not certain if him taking her back is the best thing for her.  She is just coming out of her shell after all of these months.  She was very withdrawn at first.  I am afraid the mission group is encouraging him to take Miloudrine back and he wants to please them so he is agreeing to this when it maybe is not what he really wants to do.  Maybe sending her back would be best, but my gut feeling is that this is NOT what is best for her.  Please pray for God to give us an answer to what is best for Miloudrine.

I miss Susan a lot!  I have really started depending on her to be here and to watch over the children.  She returns to Haiti from Scotland on Monday and I will be very happy to see her!  All of the staff keeps asking me when is Susan coming back!  She is very much a part of the GLA family and we miss our family when they are not here!

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1. Kelly D wrote:
(((((((DIXIE)))))))) glad you are feeling better!!! Praying for all the needs you put forth in this posting esp that the truth will become very evident as to where the best place for Miloudrine is to be (she is one of the ones that i worked with when I was down in April and I dont want to see her go back into her shell!..yeah I am biased) :) Do you still need teams to come down and help John with building??? Kelly D < :)

Thu, July 1, 2010 @ 6:04 PM

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