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Well,  last week just kept getting better and better!  We arrived in Santo Domingo at 12:30 AM on Saturday morning and arrived at the apartment around 1:45 AM. I finally got to bed and asleep around 3 AM.   Melissa needed to return to Haiti on Tortug’ Air Saturday morning and the flight was scheduled for 8:30 AM.  We needed to be at the airport no later than 7:30 AM.  We left the apartment about 6:20 AM and headed North. 

A word of caution…do not totally trust Google Maps!  The map took us through some very questionable parts of Santo Domingo.  It took us on some dirt roads that thankfully we got through because we had 4 wheel drive!  There was one place over a small stream that we actually drove on the top of a concrete culvert because the road was gone!  There was a huge rock on one side of the road and the road was gone in spots on the other side!  Tim said it like driving between a rock and a “no place”! 

We had to stop and ask several times along the road if we were headed to the airport.  People kept pointing us in the right direction.  We encountered a man milking his cows on the road, goats, pigs, and roosters!  We kept saying to Katie, are you sure this is right? 

When we finally found the end of the road, it came out on a nice, paved, 4 lane highway!  The road we SHOULD have been on!  We said that this is the type of story that you read about on Yahoo News of tourists getting lost and winding up hurt or worse!  Thankfully, all ended well, people were nice to us and tried to help us, and we got to the airport right at 7:30 AM!  But then they told us that the plane was late and it ended up not arriving from Haiti until 11 AM!  The trip there took an hour and the trip home on the “good” road took 20 minutes! 

What an end to a really awful week!

Last week, Frantina was supposed to get her MRI done on Thursday but it turned out that she would not go to sleep even though they gave her medication to sedate her.  So she had to return today because she sees the neurosurgeon tomorrow and we need that MRI!

We arrived at 7:15 AM and they gave Frantina the sedative to make her sleep.  But they gave her a smaller dosage than the maximum!  Katie told them that she did not sleep on Thursday and we needed them to give her the maximum dosage today so they could do the test.  Instead they gave her something like Benadryl to help the sleeping medication work.  Finally, 3 hours later, they gave her the extra 2 ml of the medication but it was too little, too late!  We finally said take her in and we wrapped her tightly in a blanket so she could not throw her arms around and told them to please just do the test!!!!

IMG_1110Finally around 2 PM, we left the clinic and the MRI was completed.  Frantina will go to the Robert Reed Hospital tomorrow and see the lung specialist and the  neurosurgeon.  I am praying that they will give us a clear idea of what their treatment and surgery plan will be after seeing how she is responding to the TB treatment.  She has gained 2 pounds since treatment was started, so that is very good.  But she will not sleep at night except for very short periods.  We are hoping that they will be able to give us some medication to help her to sleep.  She is cranky and irritable all of the time because she isn’t getting enough rest!  A couple of the side effects of the TB drugs is lack of appetite and inability to sleep.

I will let you know how the appointment went tomorrow night.  Hopefully, I will be able to return to Haiti knowing what the plan for her surgery will be!

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1. Kelly D < 8(:-D wrote:
((((((DIXIE))))))) Praying that Frantina will start getting good nights of sleep with out much help from drugs. I am also praying that God will allow the doctors to be able to come up with a strong plan of care to help move Frantina on to total recovery. Love ya!! Kelly D < :)

Mon, March 12, 2012 @ 11:13 PM

2. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh wrote:
Dixie, we continue to pray for you and Frantina and for the funds. What an incredibly complicated week, even for GLA! Missing all of you at GLA. So glad that Frantina is making some progress! blessings and hugs.

Tue, March 13, 2012 @ 3:17 PM

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