Truly a Miracle….

Wendylove August 2007 (6)Most of the time, biological parents that bring their children to GLA return and visit from time to time.  They want to know how the child that they have put for adoption is doing with their new adoptive family.  They just want the peace of knowing they are doing well and are healthy and happy.  We give them photos when they stop by and tell them any news that we know about their child.

But there are some children whose parents never come back.  Maybe giving up their child was too painful or they live too far away.  Sometimes, it is because the child was moved to another orphanage and the parents just did not know how to find them.  Thankfully, in most cases, the family will keep in touch with the original orphanage where they placed the child or there will be someone who knows the family and can find them.

The Hubley family started out on a journey to find their son’s biological mother.  Jonas (Wendy Love) came to GLA from another orphanage.  He was blind and later found to have other medical problems.  It is very difficult for a Haitian orphanage to find a family for a child with limitations.  So this orphanage contacted GLA and asked us if we could take Wendy Love. 

Wendy Love’s mother had not come to see him for several months.  I received very little information about his family and the promised visit from his mother never came.  After about a year, the orphanage where he was brought abandoned him through IBESR because the mother could not be found. 

Wendy Love went to the States for medical treatment and eventually was adopted by the Hubley family.  (I am giving you a shortened version of everything that happened with him.  His story is much more complicated then it sounds!)

After the earthquake, Wendy Love’s adoptive mother felt a need to find his family.  I had no suggestions for her except to start at the original orphanage where his mother had left him.  The adoptive mother found the orphanage on Monday, went back and talked to the director on Tuesday, and by Tuesday afternoon, was sitting on top of a mountain talking to family members of Wendy Love!  His mother lives in the Dominican now but they have called her asking her to come home to visit!

This is trWendy Love's familyuly a miracle that the adoptive family could find her after all of this time.  The adoptive mother is documenting her journey to Haiti to find the family and will return next Spring 2012 with Wendy Love (Jonas) to meet the family again.  it is exciting when something like this comes together and is so important to the adoptive family.  They are able to get history about the mother, her pregnancy, and try to find out some of the causes of Wendy Love’s disabilities, but most of all those fundamental answers about where he came from and his Haitian family are now answered.

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1. Kelly D wrote:
Cool! :)

Wed, October 19, 2011 @ 5:43 PM

2. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh wrote:
as an adult adoptee who met my biological sister, when we were both in our 30's, it was a wonderful piece of my life! My younger sister was also adopted, but by another family. It has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. So glad that Wendy Love is able to have this connection when still a child! It is complicated, but worth so much to find a connection with your first family.

Wed, October 19, 2011 @ 8:04 PM

3. Janet wrote:
Love it when that happens. We are so blessed to be in contact with both biological and adoptive families of several of the children we cared for in Haiti. We translate letters, take pictures, etc for both families, and when the time comes that the families want to meet each other, we will be able to bring them together. I know you love to see the children you have cared for, Dixie, but we haven't had nearly as many of them. Sometimes I think I understand how the biological families feel when they receive letters and photos. We just got to celebrate a 10 year anniversary with some of ours -- a brunch on the day that they met their parents for the first time. I had to cry a little, just thinking how hard I worked to keep them alive at first and seeing how grown up they are now. Yay for biological families who want to keep in touch!

Wed, October 19, 2011 @ 10:15 PM

4. Eveno wrote:
this is great ! I wish we could do the same for Lilou's Father.. love Brigitte

Thu, October 20, 2011 @ 2:11 AM

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