Unlimited Impossibilities - Made Possible by You

A friend of mine who has lived and worked in Haiti for a very long time wrote on his blog once that Haiti is the land of "unlimited impossibilities."   Unfortunately, I think there is a lot of truth to that.

As many of you know, Family Christian Stores (The James Fund) did a phenomenal thing over the U.S. Thanksgiving Weekend (aka Black Friday).   It raised well over $270,000 towards the cost of building the main house at Ft. Jacques.    Truly an exciting thing and a wonderful boost forward.   And from what I understand, they aren't done yet.

I've been talking to our foreign staff in Haiti because, in my first world thinking, I'd like to have a nice neat package of blueprints, cost estimates, time frames and colors to give you.   

I would love to be able to tell you that the fourth room down the hall in the guest house on the left side will cost $_______ and we should have that completed by __________________ date.   I'd love to be able to collect pledges for that particular room and then give you the ability to name that room if all pledges come in by _______ date.

But this is not the United States, this is not Canada.   This is Haiti.

Haiti - the land of unlimited impossibilities.

So, I can tell you a few things but I can't tell you all of the details that I'd like to.

  • I can tell you that after the school, we need staff housing before we can move the kids up there.
  • I know that the main kitchen is not going to be in the Main House - it's going to be a separate building.   That's the building we need to come up with funds for next.
  • There will be a big guest/volunteer/adoptive parent/staff housing building put up.
  • The main director's house needs to be completed.
  • There will be some additional buildings and infrastructure that need to be completed.

How much is it all going to cost?   Prices in Haiti fluctuate so much but most of our buildings have been running around $40 a sq. ft. in terms of cost.

How long is it going to take?  I don't know.   How hard is it going to be to get the supplies?   Do we have to ship them in by container?   Is customs going to sit on the containers for 6 months?   Can we buy the supplies in Haiti?   Is there going to be  political unrest that shuts everything down?

Haiti - the land of unlimited impossibilities.

But I do know this - without the support of our team "back home," it's not going to happen.   With your help, with your consistent financial support of Ft. Jacques, we can make the impossible possible.

If we don't exactly know what the impossible looks like at the moment.

God does.

If you want to talk about how to help make the impossible at Ft. Jacques possible, call me at (616) 292-7559 or e-mail me.

Thanks in advance,


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