Update from Dixie- January 25

25 January 2010   11:55 AM

There was some problems with the Canadian transfer of the children.  We did not hear from the Canadian government until Friday.  I had just arrived in Miami with the American children.  My days are running together and it is difficult to remember one day from another!  The Canadian Embassy personel told my staff that there was a flight going out on Saturday night and they wanted GLA children on it.  My staff told them that this was impossible until Joyce, Molly, and I could return to Haiti.  We had told some of the older children that we would return and see them.  We felt it important that GLA children all went together and that they traveled with familiar people and not strangers.  We did not want any of the children traumatized.  These children  have no voice.  I am their guardian and as such, I am their voice.  I want what is best for them and being handed over to complete strangers at the Haitian airport is not what is best for them.  By waiting 3 days, the children will be traveling with Molly, Joyce, Susan, and I and we will hand them over to their families.  We are all just trying to do our best in the worst situation!

25 January 2010   945 AM

I knew that I might forget to thank someone very important and sure enough I forgot Vision Airlines who came to Haiti twice to bring volunteers and supplies and then again to take the children and staff to Miami.  They have worked tirelessly to get us back into Haiti also.  I did not want to forget to thank them!

25 January 2010  8:30 AM

Joyce picked up her phone yesterday and it was Ketlie (Gwo Manma) in Haiti!  She told Joyce that Joyce and Molly had told her they would only be gone 1 day and she was worried that they were not coming back...ever!  Joyce assured her that it was just because of the scheduling of the flight being delayed that we were late getting back!  We are doing every thing to get on the next flight in.  It shows you how scared and unnerved our staff is about everything right now!

We spent all day yesterday in communcation with Aaron and Tanya Ramsay who was trying to get us on a flight into Haiti.  We even tried to get on a flight into the Dominican Republic and would have walked across the border.  That did not work out because the border closes at 6:30 PM and it would have been too close trying to get there and then we would have had to spend the night at the border.  Finally, the charter airline confirmed a Monday flight for us.  Our group has grown to 12 people.  We have 2 workers from other orphanages who have joined up with us and 2 doctors who would like to travel wih us.

I am really homesick for John, my kids, and everyone at the orphanage....and for Haiti.  I will be very happy to step off that plane!  The phone is already ringing with phone calls from Haiti!  The staff is trying to get the dossiers ready to go to the French Embassy so a decision can be made if those children can join their families.

We also received word that the Navy Comfort ship wants to transfer premature babies to GLA!

and life in Haiti goes on...

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1. Roy and Jane van Eerden wrote:
Hi Dixie and all GLA staff, Thank you so much for all that you are doing for these most vulnerable ones. Our friends are waiting for their dear little boy to arrive in Canada and these delays seem so hard. Reading your entry makes it so clear that you make decisions based on what is best for the children. Certainly your commitment to traveling with them is very wise and comforting to hear. Your own comfort obviously takes second place. You are courageous heroes and I bless you all. May God sustain you in the difficult times ahead. Blessings to all of Haiti. We are praying for you.

Mon, January 25, 2010 @ 10:37 PM

2. Allison Garwood wrote:
Hi! Here are two new links for your Media links, if you are interested: A Downtown LA paper: http://www.ladowntownnews.com/articles/2010/01/22/news/doc4b58d30aaa617002336585.txt A German paper (though I have no idea what it says!): http://www.faz.net/s/RubB08CD9E6B08746679EDCF370F87A4512/Doc~EB6B093C87E4A44249AAC7BF703CF3D41~ATpl~Ecommon~Scontent.html I did my best to plug GLA in both and they both printed the name! Also, I know the Wilkinses were on Larry King again last night. Not sure how to watch it online though.

Tue, January 26, 2010 @ 10:31 AM

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