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First I want to apologize for not blogging for the last 3 weeks.  I have had a terrible virus and was sick since the week before Christmas.  Yesterday, was the first day that I have been out of bed for the whole day!  I’ve had fever, sore throat, and a terrible cough that was almost like having an asthma attack!  I still have the cough and nothing tastes right to me, but I can say that I’m 90% better than I have been.  So hopefully, I’ll be getting back into my normal blogging routine from this point onward.

I have been receiving a lot of information about the adoption process and the new agencies in the last week.  There should be lists of selected agencies published in the next few days.  I have heard that a lot of American agencies applied.  More agencies than they will accept, so we are all anxious to see the chosen agencies.  Some foreign agencies have not applied yet, so they are scrambling to get their documents in by tomorrow the 11th.

A committee from IBESR has spent the last few days in Rome, Italy and I spoke to someone in Italy today about the meeting.  I have heard now through several sources that the new law is in the Senate and IBESR is pushing to get it voted on and passed.  We have heard this before, but IBESR is telling this to other governments, so maybe this time it will actually happen!

Once the agencies have been selected and the actual adoption procedure has been decided upon, we are hoping IBESR will start taking new dossiers for adoptions.  There was a rumor that came about from a post on the US Embassy Web site that adoptions were now open again in Haiti. THIS IS ONLY TRUE FOR NATIONAL ADOPTIONS – NOT INTERNATIONAL ADOPTIONS!  THIS IS FOR HAITIANS ADOPTING ONLY.  This was verified through a couple of high sources at IBESR.

We are seeing movement of the dossiers that went into IBESR in the last 6 months.  We are not seeing any movement on dispensations.  We have made a formal inquiry with IBESR and the Minister of Justice on three dossiers that have been in Dispensation for a year.  The Minister of Justice has sent a letter to the President’s office asking about the dossiers.  We are waiting for a reply.  Sometimes, dossiers do get “misplaced” in different sections of adoptions and so we keep asking for them and sometimes, we have to make a formal complaint with IBESR when they keep telling us that it’s been sent and we just need to wait!  There is a point when patience stops and demanding answers begins!

Some of the agencies that we work with will start taking in new applications for adoptive families once they know if they have officially been authorized to do Haitian adoptions in their country.  At that point, I will blog about which agencies we will be working with in the different countries where Haitian adoptions take place.

We are still working with IBESR to get the children from the Kenscoff orphanage back to their biological families.  IBESR is to let us know tomorrow what children are on the list to be returned home.  The Toddler House continues to be overcrowded and we hope to get the 16 children left from the Kenscoff Orphanage placed in the next couple of weeks.  Some of the families cannot be found and those children will be abandoned and placed for adoption.

We will have 5 children who have gone home with their adoptive families in the last month.  It is wonderful having adoptive families coming again and taking children home!

We have 76 children at the Toddler House and 64 children at the main house.  We are very busy and our houses are bursting at the seams with active children!

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1. Sheri wrote:
So sorry that you have been feeling so under the weather! We have been praying for you and will continue praying for a complete recovery! God bless you Dixie for all your hard work...storing up treasures in Heaven!

Thu, January 10, 2013 @ 4:22 PM

2. Pam wrote:
Hope you feel better soon. We had hoped to pursue adoption from Haiti and GLA specifically but found out our province will not allow Haiti adoptions. Very frustrating when some Canadian provinces allow it but others will not (including mine - Newfoundland). Perhaps it will change someday with the new law? One can hope. Take care everyone!

Sat, January 12, 2013 @ 2:30 AM

3. Heather Williams wrote:
Sounds like good news on the adoption front! Can't wait to get one special little girl headed our way to free up some room down there! Hope you feel 100% real soon!

Fri, January 11, 2013 @ 3:12 PM

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