Update on Frantina’s Check Up in Santo Domingo

2012-07-02 07.57.14

We left Haiti at 8 AM on Sunday, 1st July, to come to Santo Domingo for a 3 day stay so that Frantina could see her Neurosurgeon.  We came with only enough supplies to stay a few days. 

Frantina did wonderful on her trip to Santo Domingo on the bus.  Of course, I have never had an easy trip to the Dominican Republic on the bus and this trip was not any different!

The Haitian Immigration agent in Port au Prince kept her IBESR travel papers and then the police at the border would not allow us to continue our trip.  We had to wait at the border police station for over an hour while the Immigration agent who kept our travel papers had to bring those papers to the border so we could continue on our journey!2012-07-04 08.02.27

We stayed at a wonderful old hotel with a lot of charm that my husband, John, had stayed at over 30 years ago.  The hotel had beautiful gardens and we had a nice restful day before going to see the doctor on Tuesday.

Before seeing the doctor, we had to get a CT Scan done of Frantina’s neck area where the surgery was done.  The radiologist questioned us a lot about her surgery and also wanted to see the old CT Scans that were done right after her surgery in April/May.  I really didn’t think anything about this, just thought that he wasn’t sure about all of the metal that he saw in her neck area.

We took the CT Scan to the neurosurgeon and he asked how she was doing and I told him that she was doing GREAT!  She can crawl now and is holding on to things and walking around now, but that she was hunching her shoulders when she was crawling.  He took the CT Scan and looked at them and then gave us the BAD news.  One of her screws had come out of the bone and was just handing inside of her body!  this is why she had started to hunch her shoulders.

2012-07-04 22.25.41Of course, as soon as he said that we thought of all of the times we had thrown her up in the air and played with her!  The times she was walking around things and fell on her bottom as all babies learning to walk will do.  He wanted to put her into the hospital immediately, but I was totally unprepared for her to stay that day.  I had nothing for the hospital, so we put it off for a week and I sent a message back to Haiti for Wadson to bring me a suitcase of items.  I didn’t even bring my laptop with me so I could blog!

We changed hotels to one closer to the hospital so that we can walk to her appointments.  Today, we saw her doctors again.  The pulmonary doctor gave her the Okay for surgery, but the neurosurgeon says that he has a very difficult brain tumor for this week and he will not be able to operate before next week.

He did say that Frantina 2012-07-07 12.55.05could stay with us at the hotel until just before the surgery.  She must wear her neck brace at all times again.  He told me that we could not return to Haiti and had to be close to the hospital so if anything happens, we can get to the emergency room quickly.

The neurosurgeon said that this surgery will be more difficult than the first surgery which really alarms me!  The first surgery was difficult and this one will be MORE difficult?  he will need the assistance of the thoracic surgeon again.

Frantina has such a cute personality now that she feels better.  She calls me Nana because she couldn’t say Madame John! She talks all of the time and understands both English and Creole. The only problem she has is that she doesn’t sleep very well and doesn’t eat very well. But everything has been going so well for her medically that this news of her needing another surgery, has caught us totally by surprise!  She is truly acting like her age now and just turned 2 years old on Friday, 6th of July!

Our medical funds were almost depleted during her last stay in Santo Domingo.  We figure that it will cost about $5000 for this operation and stay. 

Please add Frantina to your prayer list.  Pray that she will be okay until the doctors can do her surgery and that she will come through the surgery without any complications or paralysis.  

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1. Katie's friend Melissa wrote:
Praying for Frantina the Tigress! Rawr!

Tue, July 10, 2012 @ 3:10 PM

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