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IMG_2434 The new kids are adjusting so well.  They were seen by our pediatrician and we have them several medications a day to get the bugs out.  We have already noticed a great improvement in their skin infections and no one has vomited in 16 hours.  The diarrhea is even becoming more controlled.  We are SO impressed with their recovery, and are starting to see some very definite character traits and tendencies.  IMG_2366 I can’t believe its only been 48 hours! Joyce and the teachers have gotten them in classes and are adjusting to their levels as they find out how much they individually have learned and how quickly they retain lessons.  We are continuing to keep their meal portions small and cutting back on the oil used in their food.  Today they showed GREAT interested in a box of toys that they have walked by continuously since they arrived, but somehow just this morning they noticed it for the first time and it created all kids of smiles and laughter.  Marie Laure got a doll with long hair and went to work immediately braiding it.  She sat with it in IMG_2442 her lap, just like a Haitian mother would do and worked each tress to perfection.  After two quick braids she started her third and it became evident that this little girl KNOWS hair.  She drew the attention of every other child in the yard, both her peers from the orphanage and our previous kids.  They were astounded at her skill and exclaimed over and over again as they watched her start and finish braid after braid.     

Our prayers for new staff were answered 3 fold this morning as three lovely talented Haitian ladies showed up for work.  Two had previously worked at the main house and needed minimal training!  God answers prayers in ways we never think of, but how perfect His solutions are.  And one was a new employee in her early twenties who expressed a pure and joyous desire to work with children.  We are thankful for their helping hands here today….. especially…… because… IMG_2404

Five new kids came in today from an area out in the provinces.  Five.  We weren’t expecting them.  We were expecting a few of the biological relatives of the kids we just took in from Kenscoff to come so they can see the new location of the children.  But with all things in Haiti it seems, plans change.  Five little darlings rode for hours through brand new terrain seeing things  they have never witnessed before and arrived at our home just before lunch.  Car sick, scared, and hungry.  We went to work bathing and applying salve to their sores, removing their clothes caked with red clay and putting on a fresh outfit before sitting them down for a bowl of soup to help calm their empty and nauseous stomachs.  These children are from “the provinces”.  IMG_2454 They have never seen a toilet before.  I showed one little 4 year old to the bathroom and pointed the toilet out to him asking if he needed help.  He replied, “No, where is it? Here.”  His eyes pointing to a spot of the floor in front of the toilet where he immediately squatted and and relieved himself of the diarrhea that had been causing his tears.  I left him only for a minute to get something to clean up and came back to find the next of his friends IMG_2455had used the ceramic tile adjacent to him as the perfect spot for an un yet dug latrine.  They are sick.  And they are unsure.  And they are not used to “the city”.  But they have spunk and they have laughter in their eyes.   After their long dusty car ride to the unknown, they were bathed, cleaned, medicated, fed, and tucked into soft clean clothes, with soft clean mattresses, under soft clean covers, where we now can’t get them to stop teasing each other and talking long enough to take a nap that their exhausted little bodies, emotions, and minds must surely be in dire need of.   Please keep praying for us, as we grow.  Your prayers are felt every minute of every day, and we are so thankful!!!     

…to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.”  Ephesians 1:6

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1. June Thamer wrote:
God is so good..All the time!I'm praying for all of you.

Thu, February 17, 2011 @ 7:27 PM

2. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh wrote:
God is so good and you are all doing awesome work with all the new kids. Wish i was still there to help out!!!! blessings, Jane

Thu, February 17, 2011 @ 9:43 PM

3. Colleen and Jussi wrote:
God hears and answers our prayers..keep praying for HIM to fill your beds, resound laughter from the walls and your giving hearts to be blessed as you are all a blessing to the least of HIS. Wish we were there.

Fri, February 18, 2011 @ 10:25 AM

4. God's Littlest Angels in Haiti » Blog Archive » The Busiest Week since March of 200 wrote:
[...] and to read Molly’s “take” on things go to: http://godslittlestangelsinhaiti.org/kidzkorner/2011/02/update-on-the-new-kids-and/ and http://godslittlestangelsinhaiti.org/kidzkorner/2011/02/answered-prayer-a-smooth-transition/ [...]

Fri, February 18, 2011 @ 6:43 PM

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