Update on the NICU

Susan comes back to Haiti tomorrow.  She was delayed due to a severe storm in the UK and the airlines rescheduled her flight.  It will be good to have her back at GLA!

While she has been gone, Katie (a volunteer nurse from Australia) has been helping in the NICU and doing a wonderful job.  I don’t know what we would have done without her here over Christmas.  At the beginning of January, another American NICU nurse, Heidi came to volunteer for 2 weeks and she and Katie are now working in the NICU.

They both cleaned out the supply room and made it beautiful! Most of the time, we don’t have the time nor inclinations to sort, arrange, and clean that supply room!  So thank you so much, Katie and Heidi!

I decided that we needed an extra plug in put in the NICU.  Then I  decided that we needed a shelf in the NICU because the machines and electrical cords are always a crazy mass of twisted mess and I was always afraid someone would fall stepping over the stretched out cords.  Also in an emergency, we had to unplug one machine to plug in another.  It was crazy!

Then I thought, now would be a good time to rearrange the NICU and make it more “user friendly”  since the babies are fairly stable and it’s a new year!  So Katie and the NICU staff scrubbed, polished, dusted, and moved all of the beds around and we all love it!  We can actually open the balcony door all of the way, have shelves to put equipment on, and in an emergency, we have room to work!

I also want to thank Georges Gauvreau for building the new shelving unit in the nursery and moving the medicine shelf out to the nurses’ desk.  Good job, Georges!



















Alaine is doing so much better.  She is drinking from a bottle and actually crying when she’s hungry!  She will look purposefully at things and people.  I hope to get her mother to come in and visit her.  I am sure her mother expects any day for us to call and say her 18th baby has not survived.  But we are praying very hard for Alaine to stay a miracle  baby!  Everyone here is so attached to her and love her so much!  She is still on oxygen because she has so much mucous and it causes her oxygen level to drop at times.  Katie gave her blood and now they will be linked forever, right?  Maybe being linked will bring Katie back to us again and again and IMG_1536again!

Louna is the cutest baby and is so perfect!  She went from critically ill and us doubting that she might survive to being completely well again!  What a miracle she is and I just love her so much!  I don’t remember ever having  a baby that had a more perfectly shaped little head and face than Louna!

IMG_1537Rivens is doing fantastic too!  He is completely back to normal and since I had a little talk with his 17 year old mother, she is coming daily to breast feed him and bonding with him.  It turns out that his father is only 15 years old!  The mother is an orphan and lives with her aunt just down from the orphanage.  I pray that his mother finds some stability in her life and can care and love this amazing baby boy!

This and That

Well, I was off my diet over Christmas but have started back on it since Monday.  Thankfully, I did not gain but a few pounds but any gain is too much, right?  New year, new goal, new energy!

Lots of teams and volunteers coming in 2012 and they have been flying into Haiti since Monday.  Work at Fort Jacques is going strong and hopefully, more Toddler Houses will be going up soon.  It has rained a couple of times here in the dry season and it is very cold, but they still have worked through it all!  Thank you Knox Church team for coming and working so hard! 

Today, it was 56 degrees F at the Toddler House which is COLD for Haiti.  That is 13 degrees Celsius!  Patrick says Fort Jacques was pretty chilly, but he didn’t look at the thermometer outside.  John says he’s freezing up there and made sure to take a hooded sweatshirt.  He even put a doggy coat on Pete!  Winking smile

The office staff is slowly coming back to Haiti.  Melissa arrived on Wednesday, Emelyne today, Susan on Friday, and Dave on Saturday.  Will be good to have everyone except Susie back this week.  Susie is spending a little more time in the States helping her sister plan a June wedding.

Happy New Year to everyone from all of us at GLA!

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1. Kelly D aka Dizneluver 8(:-D wrote:
Happy New Year to you and everybody at GLA!!! Great to see that the improvements in the NICU!! Been hearing from my friends in Florida about the cold but didnt expect to hear about it from you...praying that it will warm up to appropriate temps soon!! :) Can't wait to get down there and see you guys in person in April!! :) Love ya!! Kelly D :)

Fri, January 6, 2012 @ 4:55 AM

2. Marie wrote:
Happy New Year to all of you too! 13 degrees sounds pretty good to me, although we are not in a deep freeze here in Saskatchewan. It was in the plus degrees yesterday...very unusual for us! Susan will be amazed when she returns to all the improvements in the NICU! Great job! I can hardly wait to travel to GLA this month...see you soon!

Fri, January 6, 2012 @ 11:55 AM

3. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh wrote:
Happy New Year to everyone at GLA ! ! ! I am so excited to be returning to GLA in 4 more days. I will bring a hoodie for the cooler weather. May 2012 be blessed with love, improving health and many miracles!

Sat, January 7, 2012 @ 2:07 AM

4. Melissa Marsch wrote:
I have told Katie MacGregor that I will pay toward her flight back to Haiti from Australia because I know she will want to return! Haiti is just as good for Katie as Katie is for Haiti!

Sun, January 8, 2012 @ 10:01 AM

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