Update on the premature twins…

The father finally came to visit on Thursday and we were able to get 10 ml of blood from him to give to baby Sandia, the smallest twin.  We were able to type him and her and they matched.  She had a hemoglobin of 7 so she needed some blood but only a little for her little body.  Susan gave blood to her on Thursday night and she improved a lot. 

Then today, both twins were jaundiced (yellow) and we do not have an bilirubin lights that work.  All of ours were old and the bulb are not good anymore.  We were supposed to have some donated by a company, but they decided not to donate them.  The babies really could have used these lights.

Around 9:30 AM, Sandia stopped breathing.  Just stopped.  Her chest was moving but no air was going in.  We tried to give her oxygen with a bag to force air into lungs.  Nothing happened.  Her airway was blocked.  Immediately I thought of a mucous plug or mucous that blocks the airway to her lungs.  We suctioned.  Still nothing would go in.  I moved her into every position I could think of to try and break it loose.  Finally, I did mouth to mouth respirations and was able to force air through, but only on the right side.

We worked on Sandia for over an hour.  We lost her completely one time and then she came back and we got her oxygen levels up to almost normal.  But within minutes, her little heart stopped and there was no way to get her back again.  She died at 11 AM this morning.

Almost immediately after Sandia died, Edna, the bigger twin, started having apnea (where she stops breathing) and became unstable.  She stabilized quickly though until 3 PM when she became unstable again and needed assistance breathing.  We assisted her for 6 1/2 hours!  I worked with Susan until 6:30 PM and then the night nurse came and gave us a break.  finally at 8:30 PM, Susan put her back on CPAP because she was breathing on her own.  There were times that I took a break and just sat and prayed by her bedside while someone else helped her to breath! 

At one time the pupils of her eyes were fixed and dilated and we thought she had maybe had a stroke.  But I felt it was probably medication related and that is what it turned out to be.  A couple of times, she had no responses, but then she came back and would wave her arms in the air!  Finally, she started opening her eyes and breathing some on her own.  Edna has received a lot of medication today to try to make her better.  It seems to have worked!

I just went down at 11 PM to check on her and her oxygen saturation level is great and she is breathing well.  Please pray for Edna.  Pray that she will stay stable all night.

I am beyond exhausted.  I am finally headed to bed. 

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1. Kristin Schell wrote:
What a heartbreaking day you must have had Dixie. We will pray for Edna. I am sure God has a special plan for her life. Praying for rest for all involved.

Sat, August 6, 2011 @ 1:11 AM

2. Jill Wilkins wrote:
Dixie, I am at Jill;s taking care of Samuel while Luke is in the hospital. I am relating and praying for that baby of yours. Sharon Wilkens

Sat, August 6, 2011 @ 1:20 AM

3. Kelly D wrote:
praying that you and susan get a good night sleep and that edna also has a quiet peaceful night's sleep xoxoxo

Sat, August 6, 2011 @ 1:51 AM

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