The kids love their gummy vitamins! They like any vitamins really, but with the regular “Flintstone multies” they hold them in their hand and lick the flavor off of them rather than putting them in their mouths and chopping down,

thus, much of the nutrients end up on their fingers and not in their systems.

But with gummy vitamins the kids can’t wait to be handed their morning

packed punch of sweet goodness before teeth brushing and bathing.

And, yes, they may suck on it, and savor it for awhile before chewing it up, but at least it all stays in their mouths and all gets into their little bodies to keep them growing healthy and strong.





We use 61 gummy vitamins a day, thus that large bottle that contains 365 and would last a normal child a year, lasts us just 6 days… this week the Beth-Balt team from Ontario, Canada brought us a full month’s supply, as well as full YEAR’s supply of children’s gummy Calcium and Omega-3 supplements that they and the Business Women Network of Ontario were donated by IronKids, of Canada.  With 16 members and 32 bags they divided up the immense weight and brought them all into Haiti, delivering them to a very happy GLA Toddler House and its inhabitants.  THANK YOU to IronKids, The Business Women Network of Ontario, and the Beth-Balt team!





Two of our dedicated volunteers, spent the morning counting and dividing the vitamins into daily quantities in ziplock bags.





We are still collecting GUMMY MULTIVITAMINS to use when this month’s supply is up.  If you are traveling to GLA in the next few months and would like to bring a bottle or two in with you, we would certainly count it a blessing and be grateful for your contribution to our supply!





The kids showing off their healthy bodies and strong muscles.

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1. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh wrote:
WOW! it is exciting to see the vitamins at the Toddler House at GLA, which is a long way from reading the first e-mail - "we might be able to have a skid of vitamins donated". This is one of the many generous donations our team was able to bring to GLA! And we are already thinking about our next trip and donations to bring with us!!!

Fri, March 2, 2012 @ 1:22 PM

2. Kim Patton wrote:
I will pass along the info about the vitamins to my friend who connected me to Iron Kids. What an amazing donation. The donation had nothing to do with Business Women Network of Ontario, it was just a small group of business networkers in my home town and one person had a connection with someone at Iron Kids. And oh what a connection it was! I love the picture of the kids showing their strong and healthy muscles.

Fri, March 2, 2012 @ 10:34 PM

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