What a busy busy day!










Lovely has a bad spell this afternoon, two new children were admitted, and 21 adults arrived after a 6 hours car ride to visit their children that came last week from Kenscoff!  What a day! And I had to pasteurize breast milk for the first time since Susan has been gone!


After lunch, one of the nannies came running down to the office and said “Madame John, come quick.  They need you!”  When I arrived up in the NICU, my three nurses on duty were working on Lovely.  Her oxygen saturation level was dropping.  She was not getting enough oxygen into her little body.  Her heart rate dropped, respiratory rate dropped, and she had turned blue! 

We worked on her about an hour before she stabilized.  She completely stopped breathing for 10 minutes!  We had to breath for her.  But Lovely is a little fighter!  She started breathing again after lots of sucking and she continues to be stable tonight.

She has a yeast infection in her mouth, some bleeding around her nose, infection in her eyes, and is not tolerating any oral feedings!  Hopefully, we will get everything under control and she will start growing, gaining weight, and her little lungs will start to mature!  Pray for Lovely to stabilize and be able to tolerate milk.




I cannot believe the number of children that have been admitted to GLA in the last month!  Today, we received two more and they are cousins.  Their fathers are brothers and both of their mothers are deceased.  

Berline is 5 years old and very happy and bright little girl.  Mickenley is 6 months old and seems to be a very sweet little boy



Frantina came yesterday.  She is a beautiful little girl and terribly spoiled!  She does NOT want to be in the isolation room and is extremely healthy.  So she sits in there and yells until someone comes in to see her!

I will probably move her out of isolation quickly since she is doing so well and has no medical problems at all.

Frantina will make some family very happy when they receive her proposal!





IMG_5922Twenty-one family members came tonight after a 6 hour car ride from way back in the mountains by the Dominican Republic border. 

Magaly and Ernst left at 5:30 AM this morning and arrived at the Pastor’s home where the families were waiting around noon!  They talked to all of the families, loaded them into the vehicles along with 7 babies that were still breastfeeding and needed to come with the mothers and started the journey back to GLA  They arrived at the orphanage at 6 PM.

We fed everyone and made food for 12 feed all 21 adults and IMG_5923about 10 children!  We thought only 12 people were coming!  Our new dining area came in very handy!  Everyone was calling it the “cafeteria” !  Everyone was also very hungry and enjoyed the HUGE plates of food they received when they arrived!  LOL 

None of the children stayed stayed here tonight, but we had to find beds for 21 adults!  We put them in the guesthouse next to the main house, threw mattresses on the floor, and send the overflow to the Toddler House!

Some of the children will be coming back to us tomorrow.  Soon Toddler House will be full!  We have said that 50 is all that we will take at this time.  We have 41 as of today!  We are getting close.  Will update you more tomorrow.













Lovely cannot tolerate milk right now especially baby formula.  We have some frozen breast milk that Susan has been using for premature babies but it was not pasteurized!  So today, I had to figure out how to use our water bath canning system!  It took a call to my mother in Florida and a Facebook conversation with Susan in Scotland before I got it all set up!  Then I had to get the volunteers to help me watch it as it was processing because I was so busy with everything that was going on all over the house! 

But finally, the milk was processed and put in the refrigerator for us to use for Lovely starting tomorrow if she is more stable.  She needs to eat but her little tummy just is not tolerating anything quite yet.


The drillers along with the help from all of the male volunteers repositioned the drilling unit from the bottom of the “road to nowhere” back up the hill and down on the opposite side of the property!  According to the water survey that was done last summer, this new site might have water at about 135 meters ( a little over 400 feet) underground.  I pray that they find water in this spot!

And in the midst of all of the above happening, the vet came to give the puppies their first shots!  Hopefully, we got most of the wild stuff out of the way today and tomorrow will be a peaceful day! 

Oh, wait, I forgot tomorrow we have all of these families to take to see the judge and do DNA on them and their children and take Sonia to General Hospital to see some cardiologists from Miami and receive some of the children that were sent to Kenscoff back into Toddler House!  Oh, well, we’ll have a slow day on Saturday maybe!  Smile with tongue out

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1. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh wrote:
I have such a clear picture of all the chaos and how well you are all coping!!! Kepping Lovely, Sonia and all of you in my prayers. I can almost hear Frantina screaming to protest isolation, not that I blame her :-) God's blessing to each of you, missing being there with you, Jane

Tue, February 22, 2011 @ 10:52 PM

2. Kelly D < :) wrote:
(((((DIXIE)))) God is GREAT and these updates just show how great He is esp to you and all that you are doing at GLA! Love ya and am praying for ya! XOXOXOXO Loving God, Loving Haiti, Loving GLA and Loving DIXIE!!! XO Kelly D < :)

Tue, February 22, 2011 @ 10:57 PM

3. Sharon Wilkens wrote:
I look forward to your daily "blow by blow" updates, just the real goings on. What beautiful kids!!

Tue, February 22, 2011 @ 11:48 PM

4. Tanya wrote:
Lovely spent a long time with her mommy before being brought to you guys. Is mom still there and is there any chance that Lovely is getting skin-to-skin time with mom? It's a pretty common thing to put preemies on their moms chest, right up against the skin ("kangaroo care"), so they can hear her heartbeat and have her body heat. She managed to keep her alive for over two weeks, and I'm just guessing that lots of holding and cooing/singing might have had something to do with it... they might even have slept together, which would be a big change for Lovely to be suddenly kept in an incubator.

Tue, February 22, 2011 @ 11:55 PM

5. Cathy wrote:
Dixie, I want you and the staff to know that I am praying for you all and thanking God for all you do for the people of haiti.

Tue, February 22, 2011 @ 11:56 PM

6. faith cameron wrote:
continuing prayers for the children and staff at GLA. their deep eyes and lovely faces stay in my heart always!

Wed, February 23, 2011 @ 9:55 AM

7. God&#039;s Littlest Angels in Haiti &raquo; Blog Archive &raquo; An Update on Lovely wrote:
[...] you so much for your prayers for Lovely in the last 24 hours. If you read Dixie’s post at http://godslittlestangelsinhaiti.org/andlifegoeson/2011/02/22/what-a-busy-busy-day/ you’ll get a little better feel for what Lovely’s day was like. [...]

Wed, February 23, 2011 @ 10:08 AM

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