What a sad day at GLA. A two year old died today.

Laissa 7 april 2010 b Those of you who have read my blog for a few months will remember Laissa, the little girl who came to GLA with severe asthma.  It took a week to get her better back in April.  We made an appointment with the aunt to bring her back in 15 days for more medication but she did not keep her appointment.

This is the little girl who came on Tuesday while I was so sick.  Her oxygen saturation was only 60% when it should have been over 90%!  We put her on oxygen, steroids, nebulizer treatments, and antibiotics.

Her oxygen levels at first went up to 95% but quickly came down to 80% and stayed there.  The pediatrician saw her and adjusted her meds a little bit.  We all thought she would improve like she did back in April and she did improve a little bit.

This morning she was playing and laughing.  She did not want to eat though.  Her oxygen saturation lever was 85%.  I do not know exactly what happened.  I was downstairs with some visitors that were getting ready to leave at 9:30 AM.  I had just talked to someone on the phone and I heard a lot of yelling upstairs. 

The staff did not call for me, but I thought I better go see what was going on.  It turned out that she had been left alone for some minutes and when a nurse checked on Laissa, she was not breathing.  She had taken her oxygen off during the time her aunt and the nurse was gone.  The nurse who had been in the room just a short time before was down talking to a mother who came with a sick 2 month old baby.

We did CPR on her for 2 hours but she never did draw another breath.  I did everything I could think to do for her, but nothing helped.  At first, I thought maybe she aspirated something because we could not get air into her lungs.  But I think her lungs just clamped down.

It was very sad.  Her mother had not come to see her since she came.  Laissa’s aunt called the mother and had her come but did not tell her why we needed her.  She was very shocked when she arrived and found out what happened.

We gave Laissa a bath and dressed her in a beautiful little white silk dress that someone made especially for our angels that do not survive.   The aunt and mother left with one of our drivers to go home because none of the tap tap drivers would not give them a ride!  Please pray for the aunt especially.  She has been responsible for Laissa’s care since her birth.  The mother took care of the other twin sister.  Pray for the whole family.  Laissa will be missed by her family.

The baby that was waiting on the porch was a 2 month baby boy with a severe skin problem on his head.  The mother said he was born ok but 3 days later he stared getting little bumps on his check and then they spread and now cover his forehead and all over the crown of his head.  He has a few little bumps on his chest but nothing that is big.  I will take a photo of him tomorrow so you can see him.  We are applying a cocktail of creams to his skin trying to bring this under control.  I wonder if it is an allergic reaction to something like the soap his mother uses to wash the sheets in. 

During all of this, I did ok except for being so weak but now my fever has come back a little bit.  I think I will stay in bed late tomorrow and try to get well so Monday I can go do some of the things that I really need to get done!

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1. Robert Adams. wrote:
We are so sorry. From having been there myself I know your team did everthing they could. It must have been her time. Now she is truely an angel. May God continue to bless you and the important work GLA provides.

Sat, June 26, 2010 @ 10:46 PM

2. Kelly D < wrote:
(((((((DIXIE)))))))))) sorry to hear about this little one's passing. Will be praying for her family and esp her Aunt like you requested. I will also be praying that your fever subsides quickly. Keep up on keeping on!!! XOXOXO Yours in Christ Kelly D < :)

Sun, June 27, 2010 @ 12:33 AM

3. Geuze family wrote:
Ohhh Dixie Verry hard to hear that the little beautifull girl is passed away.we now that you did everything for her,now she 's a little angel. we praying for her family and everyone who needed!

Mon, June 28, 2010 @ 10:28 AM

4. Janis wrote:
God must have needed a special little angel for His heavenly garden. Will be praying for her family. Pray that by now you are much better. You, John and your family as well as GLA are in our prayers daily. Janis

Fri, July 9, 2010 @ 10:23 AM

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