God’s Littlest Angels

Needed: 12 Sponsors for 12 Students! Please Can You Help?

We have 12 families whose children were helped in school last year, but this year we did not find even 1 sponsor to help them! When you look at the big picture and see that 334 children were sponsored, this is not a large number. But these families cannot pay for their children to attend school and depend on our sponsorship program to help them pay the tuition. 

The families were upset and I understand why they were upset.  Other families might have four children sponsored out of their families because they had sponsors and then some families had none.  My heart breaks for them because they want their children to attend school and I want them to attend too!  The only way Haiti is going to advance and change for the better is to see more of the children getting an education.

There are more than 12 children who need sponsors but if we can find at least 12 sponsors then each of these families will get a little help.  The cost to sponsor a child is $460 per year.  If you are unable to sponsor a child by yourself, maybe ask your Sunday School Class or prayer groups or 4 friends go in together and sponsor a child, any of these ideas would work.

But please I don’t want these children to sit at home for this school year. 

They need your help!  Choose to help change their future!



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