God’s Littlest Angels

A Baby Frog Teaches a Child a Lesson about Adoption!

Yesterday was a very hard day for me.  We had things happen at the orphanage and then some personal family matters had to be dealt with that just made it a day that I was glad to see end!  So when I woke this morning and read my emails, I was so happy to get an email from a prospective adoptive family that made me laugh out loud!

The letter was very encouraging and talked about a couple of blogs that we had written.  Sometimes we wonder if anyone reads our blogs and it’s nice to get this little bits of affirmation that each and every blog touches someone in a special way!

The mother wrote:

I also have to tell you that you blog entry about your little snail last week gave symbolism to my own experience with nature showing up in an unexpected place.

My son and I were entering Target last week to grab a few quick things that we needed at home, when he noticed there was the smallest toad sitting right inside the entrance. I would have never seen this tiny creature if I had just been shopping alone. The next thing I knew, he saw another one, then another one! Soon enough both his hands were full with four baby toads. Catching frogs and toads is probably his favorite pastime, but the spontaneity of this all happening in the middle of a Target store just had him beyond elated!

I grabbed a small pail and pack of stickers to hold over top of the container to keep them safe. You can imagine the scene with me waving down Target shoppers trying to stop them from running them over with their red carts! We scoped out the area and had given up on finding any more toads. We went on our way, did our shopping, checked out (purchasing the pail filled with toads and pack of stickers for a lid) and went to leave the store when we found one last toad. My son, who is aware that we are going to be adopting a child, with no hesitation says, “Mom, look! Now we have five, just like our family. It just wouldn’t have been as good with only four.”

I have had so many families tell me that their families just weren’t complete until they adopted a child.  Something was missing.  Something they really didn’t even know was missing at the time, but was missing just the same.  Just like that fifth little frog.  For this child, that little frog was a symbol that his family was not quite complete until that last little frog jumped out and said “wait, here I am!  Don’t forget to take me!”

God has a plan for each of our families.  Some are meant to share their lives with a child needing a forever family. The road of adoption is tough.  It’s not for the impatient or the weak of heart.  It takes courage, understanding, lots of love, knowledge of children from difficult backgrounds, and strength of spirit.  But oh, the rewards that can be yours cannot be measured here on earth!

Pray for God to show you what he has planned for your family.  If you can’t adopt, think about financially helping a family you know who is trying to adopt.  Maybe that is God’s plan for you.

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