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A day That changed so many lives


January 12,2010 is a day that changed many lives. It definitely changed the lives of those of us at GLA!  I will never forget sitting at my desk at the end of the day, getting ready for supper time, and all of a sudden my bookcase started to rattle and shake!  I knew immediately what was happening because we had lived through several brief earthquakes in Haiti. The difference was this one didn’t stop after 10 seconds! This earthquake continued for almost a minute and was felt around the world!!

It is still difficult for me to write about this day and the ones that followed it. I’m sitting on a plane from Dallas to Miami with tears running down my face! I’m thinking of friends who did not survive and hundreds of thousands who lost their lives. Dave Williams asked me if I was going to blog about today. I had planned on it for weeks but I knew the emotional pain it would cause. It brings back the fear, the loss, the quick good-byes that we said to the children who joined their forever families in that next month after the earthquake. We also said good-bye to staff members and welcomed so many new volunteers.



I always said one good thing that came after the devastation was that so many children in the adoption process were able to join their forever families immediately instead of waiting a year or more for the adoption process to finish. Our children went to families who had been preselected to adopt. They did not go into any kind of foster care which we were very thankful for.



Six years.  How is it possible that so many years has passed? So much has changed. GLA is no longer a small family run mission. We have gone from 8 foreign workers who were more than coworkers and more like family – to 14 (until 2015, we had 20) foreign staff with new and different ideas and personalities.  Change can be good but it can also be stressful. This year will see a lot a change at GLA. Please Pray for us.

I always said that the 19 years building up to the earthquake was preparing me for that one day, 12th of January 2010.  I knew what we needed to do. I had contacts out in the community and at all of the Embassies. And most of all, GLA had staff that stepped up and prepared the children for the journeys that would change their lives. And they prepared the children with the least amount of trauma, because God had been molding and preparing Molly, Joyce, Laurie, Melanie, and Stephanie too!  Without their help, it would not have happened so well. My Haitian staff in the office and our childcare workers and cooks were there through it all. God watched over us all.



We will always be thankful to everyone outside of Haiti who reached deep within themselves and gave of their time, money, and talents to help GLA and the children and people of Haiti. We especially appreciated our adoptive families who reached out with kind words and donations. So many people were helped through your giving. You allowed those of us on the ground in Haiti to reach impossibly high and help those in need.

Thank you all.

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