A Mother's Day Story of Love & Sacrifice at GLA

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and it’s a time when we honor our mother or remember the impact our mother has had on our life.  Trey, Executive Director of GLA, recounts a story about his mom when he was growing up.  His mother always told him to “strive for excellence, never settle.”  It’s funny how we remember the sayings of our moms.

Often on Mother’s Day, we remember the sacrifices our mothers made for us so we could enjoy the things that they never did.  It’s a time of joy when we can recall mom did “this” or mom used to say “that.”  Those memories become so very important when our mom is no longer with us. I can still remember to this day the sayings my mom had about hanging with friends or the clothes I was wearing. Treasured memories now.

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you.”  Isaiah 66:13

With your commitment and support, we are doing great things for these angels that come to our haven.  We appreciate the sacrifice to keep this ministry growing and thriving on Mother’s Day and every day.   We ask that you support our efforts in supporting mothers in Haiti, the GLA ministry, and share this love with your mother or in honor of your mother. Click the link to order these beautiful handmade cards:  https://www.glahaiti.org.

 I couldn’t help but think about and acknowledge the mother’s sacrifice when they bring their infant or child to GLA.  The sacrifice and demonstration of love they show when they know in their heart they cannot provide the care that is desperately needed for their child.

How tragic and loving at the same time.  GLA’s mission is to bring care and love to those children that come through our door.  But our work could not happen if it wasn’t for a mother who was willing to sacrifice it all for the love of their child.

Such love.  Such commitment.  For this Mother’s Day, we have partnered with Rosie’s Boutique for handmade Mother’s Day cards.  In this way, we can support mothers in Haiti working to support their families.  Purchasing these cards provides support and care for a child of a mother that has given everything to ensure their child is cared for.  It’s also an opportunity to give our friends and supporters a unique card to honor their mothers.

God's Littlest Angels, Inc. is a US registered 501c3 charity. All donations made to GLA are tax exempt to the extent of the law. Tax receipts are sent out at the beginning of each year.

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