A New Era for GLA

To help Haiti, we must stop treating Haitians as victims and start seeing them as part of the solution. We must first unlearn the way that we have come to see Haiti—as the hopeless country and constant aid recipient —and begin to see it as a place of great potential.

Linda Peia

I believe in this so much! I want our Haitian workers to take the torch and run it up to the next level and make GLA a true Haitian institution run and cared for by our Haitian administration! John Bickel and I did not start GLA for us.  We wanted to serve Haitian families and children. It is theirs. The land belongs to them. The buildings were built for them. They need to run and preserve GLA for themselves. But they need your help to do this. Please give to help GLA continue for future generations of children here in Haiti!

You should be receiving the Christmas Newsletter this week in the mail if you are on our mailing list.  Please pray about how you can help and make a donation to keep GLA running for future generations of Haitian children.

John and I are retiring from living in Haiti at GLA but GLA was started by John and I and will always be in our hearts.  We will never grow tired of telling the story of GLA to anyone willing to listen!

And Life in Haiti Goes On,

Dixie Bickel



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