God’s Littlest Angels

A Stranger on a Plane

My seat mate on the flight from Chicago was on his way to San Juan, Puerto Rico but was from Chicago. We talked about Haiti and he was very interested in GLA. Our conversation ranged from water, poverty, time zone, government, etc.
He traveled a lot and had visited many places.

He asked me what we needed at the orphanage besides money. I told him some of the things we needed and then looked on the floor and saw a $20 bill laying between our chairs. I told him that it must belong to one of us. He said it was his but God must want him to give it to the children!

Right there, God took $20 from a stranger and multiplied it to $40 because I donated it through the Family Christian website! What a wonderful trip I have had. I have had the nicest visits with people and many with complete strangers telling them about GLA! But I also did not get to see some people that I wanted to see because my time was so short.

 Home to Haiti in the morning. It will be good to be home…

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