This is Magdala GABRIEL. Magdala is from outside of Cap Haitian in the northern part of Haiti. She first came to GLA in 2008 with a family who was running the GLA guesMagdala is a medical student who lives at GLA.t house and then has stayed with us to attend school in our area.

Magdala is very bright and hard working. She has been a huge help while living at GLA. She loves the children and it’s not unusual to see her playing with the babies and holding them on her lap!

When Magdala finished high school, she wanted to go to University and study medicine. She wants to be a doctor. Her grades in school were very good and she passed the entrance exam into University for medicine easily. This is her 4th year in medical school.  The program in Haiti is 7 years and you finish with a medical degree doctorate. Magdala’s grades in medical school are exceptional. It is not unusual to find her studying late at night on her lessons. During the day she attends classes and also does hospital work.

Magdala needs 4 sponsors this year. The cost of attending medical school here in Haiti is so much less than in other countries but it is still more than her family can afford to pay. Some of you may know Magdala from visiting GLA and seeing her around campus. Would you want to help Magdala pay for this year of medical school? The cost would be $500 per person. If 8 people wanted to help her than the cost would be $250 per person. This would help pay for tuition, books, and uniforms.

If you are interested in helping Magdala attend her 4th year of medical school, click on the button below and make a donation. Please put Medical school in remarks. If you want to help Magdala but cannot give one of these amounts, just give what you can. Every donation will go directly toward her school costs. No donation is too small.

“Talent is equally distributed around the world, but opportunity is not.” by Leila Janah



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  1. I will send a check marked Medical Fund for Magdala. Money set aside for my return trip to Haiti for wheelchair positioning this October is waiting to be used for a cause I believe in. Our team may be on hold, but the need for medical care goes on. Stay strong, Magdala. ?

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