God’s Littlest Angels

A Week of Incredible Blessings

Earlier this week the GLA received an incredible blessing!!!! The team that arrived this week, brought us almost 200lbs of breast milk! Most of our itty bitties are doing really well on formula, so we’ll keep doing what’s working, but sweet Wiljamesky and our newest bitty get mama’s milk! We’re so excited! And so grateful!

Meet Erlain, our newest! He’s 4 weeks old and weighs 3lbs 8oz – he’s gained 3oz since he got here! He has the most gorgeous eyes.

And we have updated weights this week! We can’t believe how quickly these sweet little ones are growing! God is certainly taking care of them.

Evelyne +11oz (5lb 9oz)
Evensly +6oz (5lb 3oz)
Estherline +6oz (3lb 8oz)
Armson +11oz (5lb 13oz)
Armsuse +14oz (5lb 15oz)
Wiljamesky +4.5oz (3lb 8.5oz)

It’s such a unique and special privilege to care for each one of these children. We are beyond blessed and grateful to have been entrusted with this mission!

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