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I have had some requests to post where to go on the website to give to God’s Littlest Angels .  Go to the GLA web site and click on the DONATE button and you can choose what country you are from and then just donate from the site.  Until June, we have someone willing to match all donations up to a total of $10,000!  So if you donate now, you can double your donation and help the children even more.  Please consider giving a donation to help us reach that $10,000 goal!  We have received $1400 so far toward the goal.

Adoption News

It has been awhile since I have given everyone an update about my visits to IBESR and what is going on with adoptions.  I am learning new things every time I go to IBESR about how the new procedure really works.  When I think I know what is supposed to be done, they tell me something different!

This week I learned that after the birth parents are interviewed and agree to the adoption of their child, IBESR makes an appointment with the Civil Court Judge for Adoptions and IBESR waits and takes a group of parents  to sign the adoption consent.  We did not know how that was going to work. We had received conflicting details from different sections of IBESR.  But this is the reason it is taking longer to get proposals out to adoptive families.  They do not take the birth parents to see the judge as soon as they agree to the adoption.

I expressed my exasperation with the process and the length it is taking to just get a child ready to propose them to a family!  I am estimating 6 to 10 months once a child is admitted to the orphanage before they will be proposed to a family.  I am praying that will change as IBESR becomes more proficient with the new adoption process but it is going to be a long process and we need to get used to the long waits for a while.

They are giving out proposals but it’s just taking time.

GLA only has 5 dossiers in IBESR with matches at this time.  Those should be signed and done soon.  This past week we  had a new procedure dossier signed which was very exciting.  We haven’t received it yet from the agency’s representative but IBESR let us know it was done!  We have many family dossiers and child dossiers waiting for matches and hope those will be matched soon.  We have a child for every dossier sitting in IBESR for GLA. 

We also have an appointment on 24 April for 10 birth families to be interviewed at IBESR whose children have been at IBESR at least 3 months and many for even longer.  We have more birth families who need to be interviewed but they can only do 10 at a time.  Please pray that we can get families to come on the 24th and go to IBESR.  That is the most difficult problem we have it getting the families to IBESR for their interviews.  They are not very good about coming on a set date and set time for the appointments.


Marie Kencia has a cleft lip and palate.  Illioson has the same thing, but he’s only a couple of weeks old and considered too little for surgery at this time.  I blogged about Marie Kencia last week and we went to the Pierre Payen’s Project Help hospital for her to have a her cleft lip repair on Thursday morning.  Unfortunately, she had a problem when they tried to put her to sleep and they cancelled the surgery. 

We were extremely disappointed but were more concerned that Marie Kencia was ok.  We would much rather the doctors cancel the surgery than try to continue and something happened to her.

After we returned home, we heard that a LEAP surgical team was coming to Port-au-Prince from May1-4 and they would be doing cleft lips and palates and putting tubes into kids ears who needed it.  

Well, we have 3 kids who needs tubes in their ears and Marie Kencia might be able to have her surgery there!  So it has turned out alright and we need lots of prayers that she won’t have trouble during this surgery!

This and That

I will be out of Haiti from 23 April through 9 May.  John and I have some meetings we need to go to the first weekend we are out and we also are going to be packing up our son, Mark, from university since the school year is almost over and he will return with us to Haiti.  This last semester has been hard for him.  He has been homesick, taking more hours this semester, and his classes are harder than the first semester.  He will be glad for a summer break.

Finances are very tight at the orphanage.  Please keep us in your prayers.

We are looking for a pastor to come and be part of the GLA team.  They must have their own support.  Housing will be provided.  Living in Haiti is not easy and dealing with a lot of different personalities in a small mission community consisting of  our Haitian staff as well as the Foreign staff can be challenging but rewarding.  If you know of a seminary student looking to come to the mission field or a veteran pastor, please have them write to us at GLA.

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