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I have never been gone from Haiti for more than 7 weeks until this year!  I went out to the States to do fundraising on April 10th and did not return until the last of July.  That is a long time for me, but I spent 2 months fundraising with John by my side and then a month taking care of family matters.  Here in Haiti lot of things took place while I was gone.

Several children went home with their adoptive parents while I was not here.  Made me sad to not be here when they left but I am so happy that they were finally able to join their “Forever” families that it was ok that I was gone!  I just wanted them to join their families.

IBESR finally has given us new proposals for 13 children in the last few months.  That is fantastic!  We are having families come as quickly as they can so they can get the socialization period over and the actual adoption paperwork can begin!  We are very happy to see some movement in the adoption world of Haiti.  IBESR told Miss Magaly that they have 5 more to give us this month!  Let us hope they come through quickly!

Since adoptions are moving forward, last week I decided to open our doors to take in more children for adoption.  We have not been taking in children for adoption due to problems with not having enough funds to feed and house more children.  Funding has been down due to adoptions being so slow.  We have always had to depend on some adoption funding to run the orphanage and for the last few years, the adoption funds have diminished because there was so little movement in the adoption system.  It is a huge relief to see these matches coming through and the adoptive families are ecstatic!

IBESR seems to be getting more organized and hiring new people for the adoption unit so that they can keep up with the proposals, the interviews for biological families, and the interviews required with the socialization visit that adoptive parents must make at the beginning of each adoption.  We are so thankful that they finally hired people so that they can finally try and get caught up with all of the work that they have to do!

Other adoptions that are past IBESR and in the courts are finally moving again too.  We had children stuck in the adoption court where the final adoption decree is written.  They had to change the decree to match the new adoption law.  This took them more than 6 months to get it the way they wanted it but now these final decrees are being issued and adoptions are moving again through the system.  We hope to have several finished in the next month or two.

We have our first Italian family here for their socialization visit!  Italy is officially working in Haiti.  Italian adoptions have taken place for a long time but they were just approved under the new process a year or so ago.  It’s been fun getting to know this family and we are using a lot of google translator but that even makes it more fun! 

We are having more and more adopted children coming back to GLA to visit with their adoptive families.  Four young girls and their Canadian moms arrived today.  It’s so exciting to see these children who were babies when they left to come back as teenagers and preteens now!  It’s a little overwhelming to see them all grown up but fun for my nannies to see them and remember them from the nursery!  Thankfully, I saw them 3 years ago in Canada but it’s still pretty amazing to see them here in Haiti!  We have had a lot of children come back in the last few years.  They need to see their “roots”, where they came from, and what Haiti is like.  But it really makes me feel old to see them growing up so fast!  LOL

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