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Attempted Murder! Feeding Bleach to an 8 Day Old Baby!

This is Ralph and his mom.  Ralph is 8 days old.  He is a beautiful baby but his biological father wants him dead.  He never wanted him to live to begin with and decided when the mother went out of the house to purchase something that he would put bleach in a baby bottle and feed it to his newborn son!

Someone was there and witnessed it and told the mother about it when she came home.  She took the baby and ran to the Hospital in Fermathe where Dr. Bernard treated the baby and told the mother, who is 19 years old, to bring the baby to Madame John’s House!  I am known as Madame John.  The hospital and neighbors called the police.  By the time two car loads of police arrived, the father had run away but they are looking for him.

Doctor Bernard told the grandmother and mother not to take the baby back home.  Mother said she doesn’t want the baby to die.  But when they first came to the gate, they didn’t tell us the full story.  They just said they couldn’t take care of Ralph and Mom kept saying she didn’t want him to die.  Mother said she will never be sure that the father won’t try again to kill her son.  She wants to give him for adoption.  She wants to protect him.  Legally in Haiti, she can’t place Ralph for adoption until he is 3 months old.  I told her to really think about this.  A lot of things can change in 3 months time. 

After talking to them for about 30 minutes and telling them to take the baby home and come back on Monday when our social worker would be here, then they told us about the father feeding the baby  a bottle of bleach!  I can’t see any burns in the baby’s mouth on it’s lips but I don’t know about the throat.  I’m praying that Doctor Bernard was able to neutralize the bleach that the baby drank.

Mother has a 2 year old also who was born when she was 16 years old.  She was in high school at the time.  The grandmother was so disappointed in the mother because grandmother felt like the mother had thrown her future away by having a baby so young.  It’s so sad to talk to families in situations like this.  Grandmother had scraped funds together to try and build a better life for her children but it’s so easy for them to fall into temptation and not take precautions against pregnancy.  So while she was here, we also had a lesson in birth control methods and where she could get them for free here in Haiti!

A situation like this is why GLA needs donations and funds.  We need to be able to open our doors wide for babies like this.  I don’t ever want to have to turn a baby away because I don’t have enough funds to take them in and provide a safe haven for them.

Please keep Ralph and his family in your prayers. They have some scary and emotional days ahead of them.

Please remember all of the babies this ORPHAN SUNDAY.  Give a donation knowing it’s going to help babies like Ralph who needs our help desperately. 




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