God’s Littlest Angels

Back to School!

The arrival of our local teachers was a lovely sight this morning to all of us as we kick off the start of a new school year!

The kids had a good dose of free time and lots of special activities to fill the month of August. So much so that even they (well most of them) will admit they are ready to be back in school. That’s just how blessed we are by these individuals! Our kids look forward to their engaging teaching, their personal attention to each of them, their praise over challenges accomplished, and their daily encouragement as most of them struggle to overcome the personal frustrations and self insecurities of learning delays and disabilities.

We are SO THANKFUL for these teachers and the impact they have on the kids’ lives. They are full of a certain amount of grace and patience that can be nothing short of God given. So as you think of them today and in the coming weeks please say a prayer of guidance and wisdom as these empowerers navigate the coursework of building up little hearts and minds into confident and capable individuals.

Mademoiselle Elange ~ Joyce ~ Dave ~ Mademoiselle Michaelle ~ Mademoiselle Rose Laure ~ Mademoiselle Kiki 

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