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Beauty from Ashes: An Eyewitness Account of Haiti’s Tragic Earthquake

Beauty From Ashes is a book written by Melanie Wright Zeeb. Melanie at the time of the 2010 earthquake was living and working in Haiti as the GLA update coordinator.


Melanie contacted me a couple of years ago and told me that she was writing a book about what happened in Haiti and at GLA during and after the earthquake. I was hesitant at first to hear her story. We all had such different experiences and it was all still rather fresh in our minds. I still today have Post Traumatic Stress from the experience and have trouble speaking about that difficult time.  I can write about it but just can’t talk about it! I remember clearly John yelling at everyone to get into the doorways as the house shook and Melanie wedging herself into my office doorway!

Melanie wanted to write down her feelings and experiences and did massive research in putting the book together. This is her memory of the events of 12 January 2010 and those hours, days, and weeks immediately following the earthquake.

Please read this well written book about the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti and the after effects on the children, staff, and adoptive families.  It would be a great keepsake for all of those children who were living in Haiti and at GLA during that time.

10% of the Proceeds from the book sold on amazon for the month of August will be donated to the kids at GLA.


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