God’s Littlest Angels

Better than Candy!

It’s mango season here in Haiti.  A season we all love!  The trees are heavy with ripe sweet fruit, which is trucked all over Port Au Prince from the surrounding country side in heaping taptap pick-ups that would usually be holding 12 passengers.  The produce is divided into baskets and wheel barrows and stacked for sale in a pyramid shape on every market vendors table at for roughly 15 cents US each.  Up in Thomassin the trees are hanging low from the weight and ALL of our neighbors have bushels of the juicy orange deliciousness.   One neighbor brought us a large bag yesterday, and this morning with the help of 3 market ladies (all within a 1/4 mile of the Toddler House) we had enough for every child and nanny to enjoy a mango to themselves.  A little messy;)…. but oh so worth the extra laundry.  Wish we could share with all of you! 

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