God’s Littlest Angels


The celebration of a birthday is an important part of any child’s life, but how much more so when you are one in a number of many. Knowing your day of birth, having it be (in most cases) just your own the date that you hold on to that is “your’s”. It is a piece of the puzzle when building unique self-identity as a child.

As with many busy families we may not be able to have each child’s party on their exact birthday, but we make sure every child has “their birthday”. It’s nothing over the top. And in honesty with how simple we keep their party I wasn’t sure for awhile that the kids even cared… but when kids who have been with us a few years can tell me what color cake they requested, and what gift they got from three years ago… I’ve begun to realize this is important… no matter how simple it isJ.

On their celebrated day the birthday child gets to chose a new outfit out of 2 or 3 combinations to keep for just their own, chooses the colors of icing for me to decorate their cake, and has a “party” for “one” consisting of decorations, wrapped gifts, a cake, live “Happy Birthday” serenading that goes throughout the day (however off key), and lit candles to blow out. They can choose how long they want to hang out playing with their new gifts and eating cake, or if they want to go back to their friends right away… and sweetly… almost every child prefers to not even taste their cake before heading to their class, or care group, to show off their b-day gifts and share a bite of cake! We are blessed, by some very tenderhearted children, and the care they surround each other with.


Most popular icing color combination: Blue & White
Most popular b-day outfit chosen: button up shirts for the boys, skirts for the girls
Most kids don’t blow out all their candles in one puff, or even realize that that is the goal
Most well received gift through all ages a small bag of special candies that they haven’t had before.

We are always looking for Birthday gifts for the kids.  If you are on your way to Haiti and would like to bring a gift to contribute towards a little one’s up and coming day please feel free to do so! Our most challenging kids to find gifts for are boys aged 7-13 and we have 12 of them who will still be here to celebrate their next birthday with us!


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