Bella came to us because her mother died when she was about 18 months old and her elderly grandparents could not care for her.  Bella is handicapped.  She has cerebral palsy.  But this child has a huge personality and a huge smile!  Bella is attending physical therapy and the therapists has high hopes for her development. They believe that she will soon be able to crawl, sit, and eventually maybe even stand!

Bella came to us deaf.  She wasn’t able to hear anything because her adenoids are huge and they were blocking her ears! The doctors say that her adenoids have to be removed.  With antibiotics, her adenoids have shrunk some and she can hear some things now.  We noticed it when Dixie took the UTV, which is pretty noisy, down to the NICU to see a sick baby.  The nurses saw that Bella was startled and then she started to scream! Before that she wasn’t even making any noises!

Having her adenoids removed will help with her snoring and with her hearing too.  The doctor, hospital and anesthesiologist have given us money amounts that we must have before they will do surgery.  That amount is $4000.  Can you help Bella get her surgery so she can breathe better and hear normally?  She cannot have the surgery until the funds are raised and ready.

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