God’s Littlest Angels

Canada…We have arrived!

We arrived in Edmonton, Alberta Tuesday afternoon.  The weather is beautiful: not too cold and not too warm.  The last month before leaving for Canada was crazy in Haiti.  I was so busy because our Haitian director is on maternity leave.  There was a lot of things to do before I left.

We will be visiting churches and groups here in Canada.  Mostly we will be visiting in Alberta but this Friday, the 16th of September through Sunday the 18th of September, we will be around Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

GLA has several adoptive families in Manitoba. If possible, John and I would love to get together with some families for a visit or go out to supper together either on Friday or Saturday.  Anyone interested?  We will be speaking at Grunthal C M C, 22 Church Ave, Grunthal, Manitoba at the 10 am Sunday service.  Come out and visit us and hear more about what is happening at GLA in Haiti! 

We still have times open that we can visit with families or former volunteers.  John and I would love to share a meal with you or just a visit.  You can call us (719-338-6261) and we will do our best to try to get together.  There are families here in Alberta that we haven’t seen for several years.  Would love to get together with families and just sit, visit, and catch up with you!

Check out the GLA Canada website here and see if we will be speaking anywhere near you. John and I would love to see as many former volunteers and families as we can while we are here!  We do have the use of a car while we are in Canada so we can drive to see you if it works in our schedule!   

If you would like John and I to come to your home and meet your family and friends one evening and have us share with them what is going on at GLA in Haiti, invite us!  We would love to come!

I would love to return to Haiti with so many photos of families and volunteers to share with our staff and biological families. 

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