God’s Littlest Angels

So Many Changes!

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, here in the NICU at GLA! First of all, Dabens and Gardens, Clodner, and Corine Eva all went home with their families!  We love when we get to send babies home, big and healthy.  The looks on their parents’ faces is always so special to …

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Our Littlest Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving from God’s Littlest Angels!  We thought today would be the perfect day to introduce you to our littlest blessings! Kensley is 9 months old and has been here since he was about a month old.  Kensley has a colostomy, but should be going to have it repaired soon!  He’s such a big, strong, …

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Illionson: The Lord Has Done Great Things!

  Illionson went home to his family! We will miss this sweet boy and his beautiful smile, but it is such a joy to see happy endings like this one. Illionson has had many challenges in his little life. He is such a strong, determined, happy little boy! He was born with a cleft lip …

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Survive to Thrive-Story #10

-Guest Blogger (Britany Smith-RN at GLA from 2012-2014)–I am so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to come back to GLA twice since leaving my position just over a year ago.  It is an absolute pleasure to be able to write another “Survive to Thrive” story. Amazing transformations such as this one, fill my …

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Transformation Tuesday! – Ruth

This is Ruth.  18 months ago she was a 2 pound, premature newborn struggling to survive. See http://www.glahaiti.org/meet-ruth-our-newest-addition. Today she is a sweet, energetic, 1 1/2 year old little girl who loves to run and play.  She is cheerful and affectionate.  Her favorite activities are jumping, throwing balls, and swinging.  She’s always on the move! …

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