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God’s Littlest Angels


We need your help: Please Pray for Haiti

Haitians express their struggle in art. Haitians express their struggle in art. A restaurant on Delmas 95 was burnt. The Canadian Embassy front gate was set on fire. Protestors us fire to destroy… Sent from the US Embassy in Haiti this morning: Local media have announced protests in Port-au-Prince and throughout the country for October…

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You’re Almost Here Maegan & Clarence!

Maegan & Clarence Bridges were scheduled to get here this past Sunday, but due to the substantial unrest and violence in Haiti, they’ve been stuck in Fort Lauderdale. We’ve worked hard to help them get flights rescheduled…and then rescheduled again. We’ve hired Maegan and Clarence to take over for Joel and Ingrid Rockemann as they…

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2017 Christmas Season Wrap-Up

If you’ve read some of our most recent posts, you’d know this is a difficult season for GLA and has been an especially tough weekend with the loss of our amazing nannie and friend, Berlanta. In this season of hope, we couldn’t help but choose to celebrate the life that Jesus’ coming to earth brings…

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Thank You from Berlanta's Family and from all of us at GLA!

Thank you to everyone who gave toward Berlanta’s hospital and funeral expenses.  The response was more than expected and your generosity is so appreciated.  Berlanta’s husband stopped by early this morning.  It was a huge weight off his shoulders to know that we could help cover the costs.  He is grieving so much and all…

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Oh So Thankful

As we are starting to make preparations to celebrate the hope and joy of the Christmas season with the children here, our expat staff can’t help but pause and be overwhelmed with gratitude as our traditional Canadian and United States Thanksgiving holidays come to pass. This season of giving thanks can’t be had without looking…

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We Need Your Help Today!

Running an orphanage and school for the children is expensive.  Just providing the essentials like food, water, medicine, and supplies takes constant fundraising each month. Donations have dropped off for the last 6 months.  I do not know why donations have been less, whether it’s the economy or just lack of interest, but God’s Littlest…

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John Bickel in Cardiac Unit for 2 days

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to bring you up to date on what is happening with John and me (Dixie).  Your prayers are needed. We have been in the States since the 10th of September.  I have been having terrible back pain with pain running down into my leg. I have had a terrible time while…

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