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God’s Littlest Angels


$5000 Matching Funds Campaign Started Today!

And Life in Haiti Goes On… Dixie Bickel R. N., the orphanage director and co-founder, writes about what is happening in Haiti, new kids at GLA, the status of adoptions, the progress on Ft. Jacques and the challenges of life in Haiti. We have a wonderful family who is willing to match all donations up…

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Help Needed with Water Costs for July

We received 76 truck loads of water the month of July.  That is almost double what we usually receive for a month!  It was a dry month until this last week and then we started receiving some rain.  It has also been a terribly hot summer this year.  It is over $5000 for just this…

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Clean Water for the GLA Staff's Homes!

When living in the States, I took clean water for granted.  I assumed I would go to the sink,  turn on the faucet, and water would miraculously appear and I could drink it too! Living in Haiti, we don’t have that privilege.  Most of our workers do not live in homes with running water.  The…

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