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Check Out The Move to Fort Jacques. Please Help Cover the Costs!

We are all living at Fort Jacques now except for the Guest House which is still located in Thomassin 32.  This move has been difficult for John and I.  We have lived in the Thomassin area since 1995.  We have roots there.  We have friends there.  We have been so thankful for all of the volunteers and visitors who have come to help us with this move.  I do not know if I could have packed up our apartment on my own.  The emotions every time I packed a box were overwhelming!  I was happy to be moving to Fort Jacques.  It was our dream.  But it was really hard to leave the area where we have been for the last 22 years, too!

The babies moved up on June 14th and the office moved on June 24th.  We have had to build a medical storage area, a food storage area, a nurse’s apartment and another staff apartment above each of the storage areas.  We had to rent a backhoe and dig foundations, a new septic system for the children’s area, paint and prepare the pink, blue, and green houses for the babies and volunteers, build a new room inside the school house because there are not enough beds for all of the staff, and hire some women to clean the main house in Thomassin 32 after we moved out.  We are still hauling things from the main house to Fort Jacques.  Hopefully, that will be finished at the end of this week.  We need to replace some broken tiles in some of the bathrooms and some of the window panes.

We were able to buy 3 containers twenty foot long and are trying to dig a foundation for them to sit on.  We are hoping to make these containers into housing for some of our nannies.  They should be fairly easy to connect and turn into two bunk houses and a shared living area.

We have had problems with the septic tank in the children’s area for over a year.  It backs up and causes a horrible mess.  We had a septic expert here on a team and he calculated the exact measurements of the tank we needed.  It seems that the tank we are using now is just too little.  We had to hire a backhoe to dig a new hole next to the old tank.  Then it started raining, hard, and almost washed out the hole!  Thankfully, the rain has held off for a few days and the masons and workers are able to line the hole with blocks and then will put a layer of cement over the blocks.  

The Medical storage area is set up and looks wonderful.  Jean Bell, RN from our US office came down and put it all in order with help from other visiting nurses. This was such an important job because we needed to be able to find the supplies in an emergency.  We had the NICU at Fort Jacques two days and got word that we were going to be receiving triplets who were being born at a hospital in Port-au-Prince but they did not have room for them in their NICU.  We had no idea where all of the emergency equipment had gotten to.  It was pouring down rain and about 7 of us were looking in the barn and baby houses for CPAP and IV supplies!  It turned out that a bed opened up in their NICU and the babies did not come to GLA but we knew we needed to get things put away quickly so we were ready for the next baby that came to the NICU!

All of the building, hiring extra masons and laborers, the septic system, windows, paint and tile for the buildings, repairing the main house as we leave it, all cost money. We cannot cover some of the expenses for cement, block, paint, etc.  We need your help!  It has cost more than we planned. The cost of workers, paint, cement, block, rental of backhoe, tile, and everything we needed to move is $52,000!

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We are asking for your prayers about this need.  Please pray how you might help. No gift is too small.  


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