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God’s Littlest Angels is committed to giving the orphans of Haiti a hope and a future through adoption. We strive to give them the best possible care while they are in with us.  Most of the children living at GLA will join forever families through international adoption but we also have a number of children who will be reunited with their birth family once they are strong and healthy.  At any given time there are over 50 children in our care.  Sponsoring a child through GLA helps us provide shelter, food, clothing, education, and the best care possible for all of the children living at GLA.

For $1 a day ($30 per month) and a commitment to prayer you can become a GLA sponsor.  Sponsors have the privilege of following an individual child’s story, growth, and progress until they are united with their adoptive family or return to their biological family. When a child leaves GLA, sponsors are notified and matched with another child so they can follow another child’s growth and progress.  Sponsors receive monthly updates that will include a current photo(s), the child’s current height and weight, and every quarter a little bit about how they are developing or a short story about them.

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Fill out the sponsor form if you are interested in joining GLA in our efforts to care for these beautiful Haitian children. Indicate if you have a preference of child for whom you’d like to receive monthly updates.

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