How Does Child Sponsorship Work?

Sponsoring a child with God’s Littlest Angels helps to ensure that vulnerable children in Haiti have access to a safe place to call home. Your gift provides for basic needs and caring nannies and staff to love each child. Haiti is a challenging place to call home, especially for children, where premature birth and death are the highest in the Western Hemisphere, and many children will not survive past the age of 5. Your sponsorship can help position the children at GLA, those eligible for adoption, and those with us for assistance, to reach their potential. Child sponsorship is an investment that pays dividends for decades!

What Does My Sponsorship Provide?

Your monthly sponsorship ensures each child receives nutritious food, clean water, quality clothing and shoes, a Christ-centered education, and a 24/7 staff of nannies who know and love each child as their own. Sponsorship also goes towards providing the best medical care for premature infants in our NICU and helps provide care for those who have special needs. Your funds provide a space for the children to run, play, and just be a child. Monthly support allows GLA to employ a wide array of support staff: administrative coordinators, 24/7 nurses, drivers to purchase food and supplies, grounds and maintenance staff and school teachers, and 24/7 security forces.

Who’s in our Sponsorship Program?

Every child who comes to GLA is eligible for sponsorship. Caring for each child incurs a financial expense, regardless of the duration of their stay with GLA. We work in concert with IBESR (Haitian Social Services) to facilitate international adoption for eligible children and provide short-term medical help for children seeking aid for various maladies. The goal at GLA is to ensure that each child has the best opportunity at life that we can help provide for; for some, that is adoption. For many others, it is a joyous reunion with family at the successful conclusion of their medical treatment. Guardian support makes these reunions possible, whether with biological families in-country or with a new adoptive family.

What will I receive as a sponsor?

  • A Guardian welcome kit with your sponsored child’s real name, recent photo and other information about him/her
  • The opportunity to send small gifts, letters, etc to your child at GLA
  • Regular updates with pictures, new information about your child.
  • Occasional crafts/gifts/projects from your child to you.
  • The opportunity to save lives of children in Haiti!

What will my sponsored child receive?

  • A safe, loving place to call home
  •  Opportunity to receive things from places foreign to them. Our children get to receive mail (a first for most) and learn about other cultures.
  • Friends and access to education
  • Medical access and routine check-ups/vaccines
  • The chance to grow and mature with your support
  • Preparation to make a difference in the world, either in Haiti or in their adoptive home.

Other FAQ's about Child Sponsorship at GLA

1. What is the Child Sponsorship Program?

The Child Sponsorship program at GLA exists to connect donors like you with vulnerable children in Haiti. Through the sponsorship program, you can help provide for their care and pave a road to a better future. This sustainability helps GLA provide the highest quality of care in a safe, loving community. Partnering with sponsors just like you helps guarantee a future for the vulnerable children in Haiti.

2. Why Child Sponsorship?

Child Sponsorship is a sustainable model of charitable giving and support that exposes both the donor and the child to other cultures. This approach also prevents unhealthy dependencies or destructive donation habits by investing in the future of native Haitians. Supporting these children will allow them to one day lead the country in a variety of different marketplaces and skilled jobs.

3. What types of Sponsorships do you offer?

Child Sponsorship is our primary sponsorship program at GLA. We also offer NICU sponsorship and Education sponsorships. The links contain additional information about each program.

4. How much is Child Sponsorship?

Child Sponsorship starts at $38.00 a month, making a partnership workable for most individuals and families. We combine your funds with other donors to help provide for the children at GLA each month.

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