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Christmas Party for our Toddlers at the Main House

Mme Francois nursery school teacherMme Francois, our nursery school teacher at the main house, and her helpers put on a Christmas party for 8 of our toddlers here at the main house.  These kids go to school every morning from 8:30 AM until noon.  Mme Francois worked hard to teach some of the children to sing songs and quote verses for the party.

Most of the speakers had these tiny little voices that could not be heard at the back of the room but then when Mme Francois would start it with them they would all of a sudden be much louder and clearer!

She also served refreshments of popcorn, fruit, cupcakes, and cookies.  Everything was delicious and they kids loved it all.


Then it came time for their gifts.  Each child waited for their name to be called and then went to the front of the room and got their present.  They all came and gave Mme John a kiss for the present but then didn’t know what to do with their package!  They acted like they didn’t know how to open them, so I helped and soon thee was toys all over the room!

Docilia decided that she was afraid of the baby doll that she received so she switched with Sonia for the little dog that Sonia had received!  I think Sonia was happier with the baby doll anyway!


Thank you to everyone that gave a Christmas donation to help make Christmas better at GLA.  We still have Christmas morning and food to worry about, but for the nursery school at the main house the Christmas season has started!!!








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