God’s Littlest Angels

Christmas at The Toddler House

Our Christmas was nothing short of AMAZING! All of the children were blessed and so were each of us serving here! Our Christmas Eve celebration included delicious ice cream (and new hats!) for everyone followed by a cinema night which retold the Christmas story to them in a really fun way. 

In our staff times of worship together and individually, we’ve been focusing alot on the extravagant generosity of God to His people throughout scripture and certainly in our own lives and to say we were overwhelmed this Advent and Christmas season would be an understatement. We’re reminded of Jesus teaching His disciples to pray in Luke 11 and how He admonishes us specifically to ask for our “daily bread”. But the biggest reminder of this season has been that what we ask for and what we receive are two entirely different things. The way that the Lord has lavished his love upon each of our children and all of us as staff here at GLA is something that continues to humble and remind us that this whole mission is not all up to us. We asked for the Lord to provide and he heaped loads of extravagant generosity onto this ministry!

On Christmas morning, we had presents and stocking stuffers for every child. All of us had a delicious meal fit for a king and donations streamed to ensure that each of our Haitian staff ladies were able to receive new bibles and shopping bags full of household goods to bring home to their families! So much more than daily bread!

Thank you to all of our loved ones, family and friends, and every GLA supporter who made this season one overflowing with the Lord’s extravagant generosity. It’s always the way that Jesus operates and we’re so thankful for you, the faithful, who continue to follow Him as He leads you to help change the lives of every child here.

Please enjoy this video from our weekend and please spread the word about the work that God is doing here at GLA so that others can share in it too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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