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Come See John and I in Alberta!

We are having a great time in Canada.  We arrived in Alberta and then last weekend went to Manitoba south of Winnipeg to speak at a church.  I wish that we could have seen the children from GLA that were adopted many years ago into this area but I did not have enough time to get in contact with any of the families.  I’m so sad because those children were adopted maybe 10 years ago and several are almost grown now!  We will come to Manitoba again with more advance notice and meet with those families so we can see the children.

We have talked to school children in Fort Saskatchewan Christian School and shared about Haiti.  One of our GLA children is a student there and her mother is a teacher.  Another student’s family was adopting from GLA and their baby girl became ill suddenly and died just a few weeks before her passport was printed.  We were so sad three years ago when it happened but they also came and we were able to see them and talk about their baby girl.  I had not seen them personally since this happened.

That is a part of adoption and orphanage care that most people do not think of but occasionally it does happen.  These children are fragile and the medical system in Haiti is not good.  That is why I ask for your prayers so many times for sick children.  They need your prayers at all times.

Please if you are in the area and close to where we will be speaking, come see us.  If you have volunteered at GLA or adopted from GLA or just are interested in Haiti and what is going on, come visit, and sit with us and find out what is going on in Haiti!

Thursday September 22  We will be in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta at Living Branches Community Church located at 4304 49 Ave., Rocky Mountain House at 7 PM.  If you are an adoptive family, please come have supper with us at 5 PM at the church.  You can phone Shana Penner at #403-846-8226# for more information.  We have a lot of adoptive parents in this area so please come!

Saturday September 24 at 7 PM we will be in Calgary at the Bethany Chapel, 3333 Richardson Way SW, Calgary.  It’s free, casual and will be a small program, desserts and coffee.  Come see us if you are in Calgary or close.  John and I would like to see you all!

Sunday September 25 at 10 AM we will be at Linden Mennonite Brethren Church in Linden, Alberta.  If you live close to Linden, please come!

Monday and Tuesday, September 26 and 27, we are free and will be in the Calgary area.  Monday we are having lunch with Greg and Susie Rollings but please if you would like to see us, invite us to come and see you!  We love to sit and talk with old friends. 

Wednesday September 28, we are going to be speaking at a Boys and Girls Club in Olds, Alberta at 7 PM.  

Thursday September 29 at 7 PM, we will be at Olds Koinonia Christian School.  Contact Cheryl Van Beek at 403-556-4038 for more information.

Friday, September 30 at 7 PM, we will be at Whitecourt Baptist Church.  There is a silent auction and program planned for the evening.  Please come and sit and visit with us!

Saturday, October 1st at brunch time is a time for adoptive parents to come in Whitecourt and visit with us.  If you have adopted from GLA and would like to come, contact Tracy Dibben at #780-706-6876#

Saturday, October 1st at 7 PM is the Edmonton GALA at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church located at 10603 Ellerslie Road, Edmonton, Alberta.  Event is casual dress, kid friendly, and it’s FREE!!  Desserts made by Chef Ron Hamm.  His chocolates are to die for!  Come and enjoy the gala.  

Sunday, October 2 at 10 AM, John and I will be at Carrot Creek Christian Fellowship in Peers, Alberta.

Monday, October 3, we return to the States in the afternoon.

Please come out and see us.  Just to visit,and sit and talk.  John and I would love to see you!

Check out the complete schedule here! 

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