This week we’re praising God for the lives of all of our babies at the main house!  For about the past week, we’ve had a nasty virus circling the building, causing vomiting and diarrhea in many of our kids, including the teeny tiny ones.  We’ve been working day and night to fight dehydration.  We had several iv’s and NG tubes to try to rehydrate little ones whose bodies were too tired.  By the grace of God, the virus seems to be almost gone and our last babies are recovering.  We did have some weight loss – one of the tiny babies lost 15oz – but God is so good!  All the little lives were spared and most only lost a couple of ounces.  Now we get to go back to fattening up babies and enjoying time playing outside! 🙂  We would so appreciate your prayers that the virus does not return! 

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