God’s Littlest Angels


A tiny baby boy.

A mother without hope.

A decision made that can’t be taken back ends with the baby left on the ground outside a gate with a sack of clothes left nearby.

But God looked down from Heaven and saw this baby and sent people to find him and then they took him to the police station and the police brought him to  GLA.

I was sitting in a staff meeting when Ernst came and told me there was a man outside who wanted to talk to me.  I finished the meeting and went out and the police is there.  At first, I thought it had to do with something else, but finally they said that they had a week old baby in the car that was abandoned!

He is beautiful and seems to be very healthy.  Tomorrow, we will notify IBESR and then they will decide his fate.  Please say a prayer for him tonight and that he can stay here, but also say a prayer for his mother who was so desperate that she left him outside a gate…

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