John and Dixie 12:31:2019

Today is officially my last day as the Executive Director of GLA. It is going to be difficult to leave Haiti and the children and staff. I’ve told a lot of people good bye already and given lots of hugs and shed lots of tears.  I have a hard time saying good bye and get choked up just thinking of not seeing the staff on a daily basis.

A lot of our lives has been spent here in Haiti.  Some of the staff has worked at GLA 20 years. They are loyal to GLA and will make sure that the orphanage is cared for and protected.

John and I are ready to go back to the USA even though we will miss Haiti and all of our friends.  I fly out on Missionary Flights International on Tuesday.  John will fly out on American Airlines on Monday because he needs to be in Colorado for chemotherapy on the 8th of January. I will travel with our animals and belongings and drive to Colorado from Florida.  Please pray for me as I make that 28 hour journey across the USA with two cats and a dog!  At this time, our daughter, Kate, and possibly our son, Patrick, might meet me in Florida and help me make the trip.

Mrs. Magaly Francois is our Haitian Director and has worked at GLA twenty years. Magaly is a registered nurse and does all of the government work required as an organization in Haiti.  She can be reached at All adoptive parents searching for biological families can write to Magaly for information. Anyone wanting to send a package to their sponsored child or to a biological family should address the package to:

  • Mrs. Magaly Francois
  • 3170 Airmans Dr
  • Unit 2081-GLA
  • Fort Pierce, FL 34946


And Life In Haiti Goes On…





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