God’s Littlest Angels

Do Not Fear because God is with You…

I want to send reassurance to our volunteers and teams coming to visit GLA that all possible measures are being investigated and implemented to assure safety for everyone at the mission.  First and foremost, most visitors do not stay at Fort Jacques except to work during the day.  The Guest House is in a more residential area and we’ve never had any problems there or at the main house. 

In 24 years of living in Haiti, we have never had any personal safety problems (even during times of political unrest and earthquakes)  but we have always known that something could happen.  We believe that this was a random incident that we pray will never be repeated.  But we also are now aware of what can happen and will implement new security measures at all three houses.

Sometimes, the little things are the most important like locking all doors and windows.  Putting metal safety bars on the inside of metal doors for extra safety at night and putting more lights around the property.

We do not want people to be fearful.  God doesn’t tell us go out timidly and do what He asks you to do but to put on the ARMOR of God and to go forth bravely.  We refuse to allow fear to take over our lives.  We will march bravely forward and just be ever diligent in taking care of the children, staff, and ourselves.



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