God’s Littlest Angels

Donald Needs Life Saving Surgery! Please Donate to Help Save This Baby's Life!

Donald came to us with a condition called Spina Bifida. At one month old, his head circumference was normal. Then his head started to grow. Our pediatrician measured his head every week and when she saw that he needed a shunt, she referred him to a local hospital where doctors from the USA come and insert shunts for children like him. He went to the hospital and spent 2 weeks and no surgery was done because a team from the States did not come as planned.

We begged the Haitian Neurosurgeon at that hospital to insert the shunt and he refuses.  We think he does not think that Donald will be normal or can be helped. This baby was normal mentally before his head started to get so large. We are sad and angry that the surgeon does not feel that Donald should be helped!

Please help us get funds to sponsor his medical care and allow him to have surgery. We can find a surgeon if we take him to a private hospital.  A neurosurgeon said it would cost approximately $10,000 USD to have a shunt put in here in Haiti at a private hospital. This would be the quickest way to help him, but we know that this is a lot of money to raise for his surgery. 

If you would like to help Donald get his surgery then go to www.glahaiti.org and Donate today!  Please put in remarks that your donation is for the medical fund or for Donald.

Pray with us that funds would come quickly to help save this baby’s life.


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