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We need a large variety of items throughout the year to keep the nurseries, NICU and school running effectively and efficiently. Some of these items are difficult to purchase in Haiti.


If you will be visiting GLA and you or your church, school, or community would like to help us by bringing donations please reference the following list for up-to-date needs.


You can also contact us about more specific donations at [email protected] 

No Longer Sending Shipping Containers to Haiti

We are no longer accepting donations at our U.S. office in Colorado Springs. In the past, we have filled and sent a shipping container from our warehouse there approximately once a year. With changes in government regulations and tax it is no longer cost-effective for us to continue this supply channel unless there are specific pieces of equipment needed for our facility in Haiti that are heavy or cumbersome and can only be brought in via shipping containers from overseas. 

Needs List

Items most needed

    • Diapers - Sizes Newborn-5
    • Baby Wipes
    • Baby Formula
    • Soy Formula
    • Children’s gummy vitamins
    • Protein/high calorie shake mixes
    • Boys Clothing - Sizes 12mo-4T & 7-8
    • Girls Clothing - Sizes 12mo-5T & 8
    • Girls School Uniform Shoes - Sizes 7-1 (Navy or Black)
    • Good quality formal clothes (for appointments/church) 12mo-8yrs
    • Girls Shoes (4-9yrs)
    • Boys Shoes (2-9yrs)

    • Crib Sheets
    • Kool Aid Powder (without added sugar)
    • LED Light Bulbs
    • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
    • Latex Gloves
    • 4x4 sterile gauze
    • 2x2 sterile gauze
    • Organic Mother’s Milk Tea (Traditional Medicinals)
    • Outdoor toys, basketballs, soccer balls, smaller lightweight balls, razor scooters, calk

Additional Items for Babies & Children

    • Small RUBBER hair elastics – NOT the ouchless plastic kind
    • Red / Navy Polo Shirts  - Sizes 2T-6
    • Khaki / Navy Pants, Shorts, Skirts - Sizes 2T-6
    • Boys & Girls Underwear - Sizes 2T-6
    • Baby Bottles (Dr. Brown's, Parents Choice, Gerber First Essentials)
    • Hair Ribbons/barrettes
    • Durable children’s sandals – all sizes (flip-flips don’t last long on the cement play areas)

    • Glue (School Art Projects)
    • Construction paper
    • Tissue Paper & other Birthday wrapping paper
    • Educational DVD’s & movies appropriate for 12 yrs and under
    • Readers and books (grade level Pre-K - 2nd)
    • Baby shampoo
    • Baby powder
    • Toothpaste

Hygiene Items

    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Liquid antibacterial hand soap
    • Shea/cocoa butter lotions or creams
    • Deodorant
    • Sanitary Pads

    • Regular Shampoo
    • T-Gel Shampoo
    • Nizoral Shampoo
    • Unscented Ivory & Dial Bar Soap

Medical Items

    • Specialty baby formula – Infamil AR, Nutragimen, Pregestimil, Premature formulas, Enfacare
    • IV Tubing 60 drops/cc
    • IV catheters 24 gauge size

    • Scrubs Dresses for those who don’t wear pants – XSmall, Small, Large only
    • IV fluid: D5 .20Nacl
    • Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes

Office Items

    • Printer Ink Cartridges
      • HP 952 (black & all colors)
      • Canon 211
      • Canon 210
    • Legal Pads (lined)

    • 9volt & AA Batteries
    • Ball Point Pens (Blue & Black)
    • Sharpies (Black)
    • High Quality Photo Paper: 4x6 & 8.5x11 (Kodak Ultra Premium or Premium)

Adoptive Parents

If you are an adoptive parent coming to Haiti, we ask you to help us keep adoption costs down by donating one suitcase full of child care items for the nursery. Baby lotion, shampoo, bar soap, powder, diapers and wipes are some items that we use daily. See the list above of Items Currently Needed for more suggestions.

You should also bring infant formula, diapers, lotion, shampoo, powder, diaper rash cream, clothing, bottles or cups, shoes, etc. for your child to use when you come to take your child home. Once your child is with you, GLA no longer provides these daily items.

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