God’s Littlest Angels

Donations are Down and GLA is Struggling

This has been a difficult year for God’s Littlest Angels.  We had the cost of moving the babies and all of the staff to the Fort Jacques compound.  Giving has been down this year.  We are struggling to pay our bills and buy food for the children.  The number of children at the orphanage is down to 40 which is lower than we’ve had in many years.  Seven of the children are for assistance and we are working with their parents so that the children can return home once their health is better.

We received two children just last week.  One is Bella who is handicapped physically but so bright mentally and Jean Eddy who’s mother is having trouble caring for him and so he is here for a short time for assistance.  Without your giving, we cannot continue to take in children.

With giving down and the number of children being so low, we are letting 18 of our staff members go.  This is a huge struggle for John and I and all of the staff.  Some of these people have worked for GLA since 2000!  But we have to make hard choices so that we can feed the children, pay the bills and pay the staff to care for them.

We need your help.  We are on our knees asking for God’s guidance.  Asking for His blessings on the children and the orphanage.  Asking for Him to touch people’s hearts to help us with buying food and paying for diesel, water, medicine, etc.  Only through God can we keep up the work here in Haiti.

This is the season of giving.  Please consider making a donation to help us now. Right at the moment, we desperately need funds for food and to pay for diesel to run the generator.

Please GivE Now

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