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Email and Internet Problems

I have had a couple of frustrating days with emails and our web site.  Our email was shut down yesterday by our former web hosting service without any notice after we were told that they would continue to host us! 

I’ve scrambled today trying to find another server to host our emails. Thankfully, I figured it all out by noon but I think we lost some emails between 2 PM on Thursday and 3 PM on Friday (today).

If you sent us an email and you haven’t receive an answer, please resend!  This is for all GLA emails.  All email addresses remained the same.

Our website also went down yesterday due to something called a hosting record!  Finally, I got figured out the problem about 6 PM tonight so I hope that is fixed too!

I wanted to add a recipe to the recipe page today but I needed to make something first and take a photo.  So I decided to make Sweet Banana Fritters.  They were very easy to mix up.  I think the hardest part was mashing up the bananas!

Our first batch we got too brown in the oil.  It was too hot!  But they turned out really good and everyone (volunteers, office staff, and nursery staff) loved them!  Next time, I think I will make some mango ones!

Check out our recipe page for this recipe and lots of other ones too!

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