God’s Littlest Angels

Exciting Early Childhood Update!

One of our dreams for many years has been to have an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist.  Our vision was to have someone to come and evaluate the children and develop plans for our volunteers to use so that the babies and children can develop to their full potential.  God sent Ms. Renee Orlopp to GLA to fill this position!

Renee has been here for about 2 months now and has been busy at work with the children.  All the little one’s have been working hard showing her everything they know and can do! After assessing and evaluating all our children 3 and under, she was able to complete detailed child folders with individualized goals and objectives. 

Renee has put together a new “Intervention Cabinet” for volunteers to work with the babies on their goals and objectives.  Organized by age 2-6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24+months, the cabinet has all the toys, supplies, and items needed to work (and when we say work we mean PLAY) with the babies to help them reach all their very important milestones! Sensory exposure and play is so vital in the early years of development and it’s so exciting to see first-hand the developmental gap closing for each of these children. Below are some pictures of volunteers and the babies working hard. Way to go babies, keep it up!

Our babies are learning to use signs as well as words to communicate. Here is a picture of a child signing “please” so he can have more water! 

Here is picture of a baby working on communication, fine motor, social skills, and problem solving as he stacks towers and mimics “train” designs with Renee.

Here is a toddler working on social/emotional, personal-social, communication, and play skills as they engage in dramatic play with a baby doll.

This toddler is using bubbles to practice taking deep breaths and learn healthy coping skills when she is upset or frustrated.

Lots of hard work, play, and learning happening with our little ones! We are so thankful for your donations and support that make it possible for us to give our babies and toddlers the best early years to set them up for success in the future!

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